Sunday, December 26, 2010

foggy day

Today i saw my first foggy day in gurgaon. It felt nice and atlast i am going to see the last season that blesses north india.Though it was a sunday we had to go to office , a project being an emergency and for the first time after marraige i and my DH walked to the office which is around 15 minutes from our house.The first thing we noticed was how extremly out of shape we were, cause i especially couldnot manage to reach office without huffing or puffing.Still this is definitely the perfect climate to start walking again.

Coming home we saw Austrailia's masterchef , the one in which claire gets elimated and adam and callum  go for the grand finale. one cannot but compare both maserchef austrailia and masterchef india. All i want to say in the subject is they have made indians a joke in masterchef india and after seeing the comments of others in times of india i was glad to note that many indians felt the same. Its a shame indeed that cookery shows are judged by film stars.When will the entertainment channel become at least wee bit responsible!!!

Cookery seems to be the mantra and we saw Julie and Julia yesterday.Seriously made me think of following julie's project more because i am fed up with my small store of known recipes, i would love to learn more.However i guess i would not choose french cooking of course, maybe Sanjeev kapoor or Meenakshi ammal, or maybe even the book that one relative gave us with simple nadan kerala dishes which i am my DH will surely appreciate.