Friday, December 30, 2011

Rejuvinating Bedsheets

I found something, I found something......

We had brought a blanket from Spar a couple of months ago and i am sad to say it was not worth the money we paid it. bobbins came out... it looked like this....

And you know, I have used it only twice :(. I was raking my brains as to what I should do. A friend had suggested cutting it out using a scissors. But that's a very tedious thing. I was wondering what to do today and absent mindlessly, I dug my nails on it and saw it came out with my nails. I remembered something and I took a comb and ran it through the bed sheet.  Just with a few strokes, this was the effect.

Can you believe it??? (btw, I changed the camera mode and some difference in color came. I really should learn more about taking photos now...) Anyhow I was so happy I wanted to share it. I was thinking this sheet was a goner.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Life Lessons - Discrimination.

Note: This is a very long post.So I understand completely if you don't want to read it. But if you have ever faced any kind of discrimination... racial or religious or if you think 'they' as a community are out to get you , then maybe you should give this post a try.Thank you for your perseverance and patience .

Discrimination seems to be the hip word nowadays. Racial, Gender, Gender identity, Age, Religious, Color, Ethnicity, Medical condition, Physical condition…. So many, So many. I think everyone will undergo some kind of discriminations somewhere in some point of life, if, they dare to cross the comfort of their home. Well, discrimination may be in there too.

I for one have had to face only two till now… Gender and Religious. And today I talk about one such time. I had told about this incident to a friend of mine sometime ago and he had told me to write it publically, he said people ought to know. I think he is right for more reasons than one.

It was the time I first came to Delhi for job. Fresh from college. I had accommodation in a Paying guest. My initial room was a four seater though the PG uncle promised me I could shift to the two seater as soon as one of the girls vacated, maybe in a month or two.

I made friends quickly. My hindi and English was good and I soon made friends with the very nice girls in my room. There were a lot of differences ,My dresses were all loose and old fashioned , I did not believe in makeup, I never threaded, I was in a place where non vegeterianism was supposed to be barbaric though drinking was ok, Where roti was a common feature be day, lunch or night. Well these were all ok. I could deal with it.


 I almost flipped when I learnt that the girl in the two seater told emphatically that uncle should not put the muslim girl in her room.  (i.e me btw …and she used a stronger word which I don’t remember now) She had not even talked to me before and I could not understand why she was so against me just because I was a muslim. There was another girl in the other room who used to admolish my good friend Shreya as to how she could befriend me, a muslim when she was a Brahmin.(!!!!!)

Anyhow this behavior was slowly getting into my mind and  I regret to say that within a month or two the seed of poison was slowly sowed in my heart and watered by my own self pity.  My friends tried to make me feel better by saying why I thought of those two girls, when they were there for me. Yes I knew…but I needed more affirmation and that came eventually.

It was around this time that Reema joined our room. She was a nice girl and we quickly became friends. After a month she confessed that at first she hated me (because???? Well by now you must know) but now she realized that she was wrong to do that and she liked me very much by now. I was too relieved that unlike the other two at least she liked me now and so I did not really mind the hating part.

And now comes the climax, Reema got her first salary after two months of working and she came to the our room .At that time only I was there. She asked me if I could please keep the salary in the deity’s foot as she could not approach the prayer room. I obliged (Though many Muslims would not so that, My logic is the supreme being who looks after me cares more about me not hurting her feelings than how much I show outside how much I love and honour  him/her/it. There is a interesting story there which I will tell later on). What she did next bowled me over.

“Rahmath ,Stand in front of me please “ She said.
I did so
Then she handed me over the money . I was puzzled and I took it. The she said .
“Now give it to me back”
More puzzled I did so
“We give an elder member our first salary. It’s symbolic. They give it back As I did not have either my mother or father here I wanted to give it to you”.

To say that I was touched would be an understatement. And with that move, in that instant, that seedling which was growing inside my heart withered and died forever.

And here is the Life lesson I share with you my dears.

If ever the attitude of the Bigots begins to change your mind about a community, remember Shreya and Reema. Bigots are there everywhere. You cannot change them and their approval means nothing. There are people like Shreya who accept you unconditionally and people like Reema who when guided by your behavior realize what they believed was not the truth. These are the People that matter. If you give more importance to the Bigots, you would be belittling them ,Why you would be belittling yourself

Now…That wont do … Would it?

Monday, December 26, 2011

5 Random thoughts

Saw this way of writing style in Rekhabala's blog and Maid in Malaysia's blog. Thought it was a nice way to
 put down those thoughts squirming in my mind.

----- Cut my hair up to shoulder length. Long time since I had this short hair. Hopefully it will grow enough before I go to my in laws house. I really envy the girls who can take care of themselves so well.

----Joy of Giving Card for Week 16 has come out. It is something I had already begin to do as a part of another program. Will tell about it in the week end.

----Gave the teacher the thankyou post as I was too impatient to wait until it was posted in the mother blog. Ma'am told I was crazy. I take that as her expression of pleasure.(btw I hope it is so)

----Trying to reclaim my life from idleness by doing five things per day; again inspired by the thing I told in the second point. Let's see how it goes.

----Wanted to try muttar paneer but I am beginning to feel hubby will do anything to get out of eating muttar. Poor me.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Joy of giving- Card 15 -Gurusthanam

"Write a thank you note to a teacher who has inspired you" - This was the Joy of Giving card for Week 15, that Ritu uploaded for this week. ie week 15. Joy of Giving - Card 14, was "Close your Eyes and Practice Silence for 15minutes". The fact is, it's verrry difficult. I couldn't do it for even five minutes, let alone 15 :( . Anyhow ....

As soon as I read this JGC,many teachers who have inspired me, came to my mind. My earliest memory of one such teacher is Girija Devi teacher of VSSC school who believe it or not inspired me to bath every day. It was the time I used to hate bathing. Then there is one Rema devi teacher who is no more now; Khader sir , whose chemistry tuition classes I used to attend; that teacher whose name I don't know and whose class I have attended only once, In fact I have written about why she inspired me here in "Down the memory Lane". I was trying to get the mail ids of these teachers, when I remembered another teacher of mine, who has no phd, who has not taught in a class, but in my eyes, and many of my friends, she is a true teacher.

I see her every day in the office. Normally as a rule I have refrained from writing anything related to office but in this case I make an exception.  I am yet to see a more sincere person than her. She warned me to keep a balance with work and life. With her, you know whatever you say will not be used against you. There were instances when I used to feel why she forgive everyone so easily. Whenever you have a doubt she clears it. If she can't do that then and there, she sits with you until she does. Everyone goes to her because they know she will help them. I have seen her answer questions even when she is knee deep buried in work. And that's something I tell you. Even though she may not know it ,because of her smile and good nature, anyone would work for her willingly. She may not have taught in a class but she is a teacher in every way. And I thank her through this blog post. I don't want to write her name but she will know. And Even though, there may be times when there is friction between us because of the nature of our situation, the fact remains, that today and always, she will have the place of a "Guru" in my heart.   And if I am not wrong, she has that place in other hearts too.

Thankyou Maam, For being YOU.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Great Kebab Factory -Radisson Delhi

One thing this is the Radisson in Delhi and not Gurgaon. Second thing, we would have never gone there if we were not invited ;). Anyhow as we did go I may as well tell you how it was.

As I said, M uncle, M aunty , R mama, A appachchi, and her mother and the girls M and D  and the Mr  and Me made a party of nine. M uncle had made the reservations and they seated us in a round table. I think they knew M uncle pretty well .

 Every one liked the decor , it was part rustic (in A appachchi's words) and the roof resembled the sky.The glasses were a little different. It was good.The waiters were all dressed in overalls. M aunty explained that it was because this restaurant is projected as the Kebab Factory and they are the workers there.It had an open kitchen too.

After a little chit chat , they brought in the salad with strawberry sauce. I did not take the sauce, as I like my salad as they are, but the others seemed to enjoy it very much. Then they brought us this menu in wooden frame (I think there is only one menu). with vegetarian and non vegetarian food. Then they started bringing in food, first the kebab and lamb chop and different kinds of bread. was quite tasty. The Kebab there was very very very soft and it did truly melt in the mouth as they claimed. I liked the cinnamon saffron bread too. After some rounds I had to start saying no to many other dishes as it was becoming too heavy for me. Lamb, shrimp, chicken and fish made their appearances in various forms . Then they brought in Dal Makhani and Dal Curry. I had the Dal curry . But , the winner for me was the Chicken Briyani. It was the best I have had after I have come here.Roti, Paratha and Naan also made their appearance with mutton curry which my husband and relatives seemed to enjoy a lot

After this came the desserts. Desserts were good. But they were the normal North Indian spread.

As far as the rates are concerned I think it was around Rs1250/- excluding taxes per person. (That's why I said we may not have gone otherwise. ;) )

Anyhow if you want to treat your special someone to a special day , the ambiance is good.You can go there once and try. But of course... One should be really hungry when one reaches there. Else its difficult to make good the money you pay them  ;)

Goonj - Have Done it Atlast.

Today I started something which I hope, will be a tradition tomorrow. Normally mothers are the one who do the donating of old clothes, at least when were young, but then, as I am living so far now, it doesn't make sense to take them to the south corner of India to donate it even if I could. So I was wondering what to do aloud to my madam and suggested Goonj.  Have you guys heard of Goonj? Well it's a NGO which collects used clothes from people and send it to other people in need. I went to their site and liked their no-nonsense attitude. (Click on Goonj to go to their site. the website seems to be down rt now). So I packed two covers of clothes I was sure I wont wear ( couldn't wear was more like it. I was hoarding them, thinking I will wear them when I become thinner....but .....I don't know when its going to be possible).

Some of the dresses were so difficult to pack because I love them so much. But then I remembered reading somewhere that its better that somebody uses those stuff than letting them rot away. Made sense. Even then I kept aside two new dresses my MIL (Mother in  Law) gave to me . I hadn't worn even once and it had become small for me. I cant part from it yet. So I have decided I will keep these extremely sentimental dresses with today's date in a cover. If I don't become thin enough  to wear them by next year same time , I guess I will give it away to them.
It helps in de - cluttering also. A win win situation. But one should make sure of following their rules for donating their clothes. I liked their rules.

I had got the contact number of the NGO volunteer from the website and his house was near ours so all more the easy. We went and placed it inside the room they had kept for this purpose.

I have used this same technique for deculttering. Works ! My hubby wanted to check what's wrong with a faulty gas lighter which I wanted to throw out then and there. So I was having it. Months passed and  as expected it was still there. Ultimately I told my hubby that I will keep it until a particular event and then I would throw it. Sealed the deal. After those two months it was out of the house with no guilt attached.

(Have not been able to access the site. Will update once again after linking.)

Friday, December 23, 2011

Poochnea Mei kya Jatha Hain?

I never thought I would be so influenced by an ad as I have been by this ad from Tata Sky .Why ! it has changed my perception of somethings. "Poochnea Mei kya Jata hain?" . is translated to "What will we lose by just asking?". This has definitely become one of the Punch lines that has stuck.
'A teenager asking lift from a military parade officer'; 'A hostage asking the bankrobber for change';...they are the most hilarious circumstances with the above mentioned punch line making them ask for seemingly absurd favours.
Nowadays , when I come across a  situation where my timid self is a little shy of asking anything to someone, because she expects no for an answer;, I remind her involuntarily..... " Poochne Mei kya Jatha hai???"
Life changing indeed....

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ethereal moon

"Do you love the Silvery Moon
Shining in the night?
This is how I like her best
Translucent in day light."

I took this photo from my home.I would like to copyright it but i don't know how :(

Monday, December 19, 2011

The First Foggy Day this year :)

(Effect of the fog :))

Today we saw our first fog of the season.Oh! it was beautiful.I was not expecting it till January. So, i was pleasantly surprised when i saw it in the morning. We couldn't even see the opposite house.  And when we traveled to office, ( a little slowly because of the fog), I could actually see them suspended in the air above the ground.

Maybe it's because i have lived a greater part of my that the fog fascinates me. Fogs never occur there. I love clouds. Many are the pleasant memories of walks with a best friend looking and admiring them. That's why  I love fog. It's like the clouds have descended on the earth. I know it makes life a bit difficult but who cares. It's moments like this that makes one feel " the world is so beautiful".

Organ Donation - Part II - And the Sign

I wanted to write this within a day of writing the first part. I guess I should do this at least now.

On our train journey to Amritsar, I was happy. I was happy I was going to see the Golden temple and then fulfill another of my goals. Thinking about it suddenly reminded me of another goal of mine. “To Get an Organ Donation Card”. I don’t know why every time I think of organ donation, this fierce debate goes inside my mind.  I was “praying please give me a sign, please give me a sign” when my husband interrupted my thoughts.

“The train will stop at this station for 2 minutes .You want something to eat?.”
“Oh yes Please”, I replied… “get us two apples and two oranges (we were a party of 4 and ¼ J) “Nothing more ok, else it may go waste .After all it’s a short journey”.

Saying ok he got down with our friend’s husband. I was looking at outside the window when I saw a bunch of beautifully ripe yellow bananas. They were looking so tasty. I tried calling back my hubby to ask him to get some bananas too. But he was no where in sight.

The I started sending “telepathic signals to him “ ( That’s how much I wanted to eat bananas) .Hey if what say is true about ”two bodies and one soul” maybe he will buy them…. (Ya I know …I’m a bit crazy.)

My craziness was rewarded when my hubby came back with …guess what?????
Two apples, Two Oranges and one banana. I was sooo delighted.

“ Ooooooooh you bought me a banana. I so much wanted to eat them”

“Ah that’s a story……”he started but  I did not listen then.

 I almost pounced on it. Asked a hurried “ hey you want it? “ to the others . When they said no I happily started gobbling it down. Half way through I exclaimed “Is THIS a sign???”

“What sign?” My hubby asked.

Then I explained to him about this debate of mine and how I prayed for a sign and since he bought me a banana even without me telling him maybe this was a sign. ‘But what kind of a sign is this???! , there is Nothing connecting my hubby buying a banana for me and organ donation !!!!’ I wondered aloud.

He looked at me queerly. “ I did not BUY you a banana…Why should I buy a single banana when there are four elders and a kid here????”

Now it was my turn to look at him queerly.

“ To make the story short( he hates doing that btw), I bought the fruits and gave the vendor the money. But he did not have change. Neither did I. The train was going to start; there was no time to ask anybody else; so… he popped a banana inside the bag and gave it to me.”

I slowly looked down the limp banana peel in my hand. Suddenly I could see a connection. I had already eaten the fruit and the peel remained which I would throw soon. How similar is it to the body once the soul is departed. The body or the peel would be useless to me anymore. Was it not just a cover to contain my soul? But what if it could be of use to someone?

“Is this a sign?”  I asked my husband.

“That’s up to you to decide my dear”, he said and turned to his newspaper. He is one of the most diplomatic people I know. Anyhow the fact that he doesn’t think I am crazy is good enough for me J (At least that’s what he assures me )  Asking him more is just overstretching the vows of our marriage I guess.

Anyhow I think I will take it as a sign. I am not ready …but I think there are things you are never going to be ready. Just do the right thing (or what you think to be the right thing) and walk the walk. Anyhow it’s not like it’s written in stone. If I am right, if you have a change of heart you can convey it to your loved ones and they won’t take the organ from you after your death. But I think if I am going to die I will be worried of other things more.

The Joy of giving cards that Ritu uploads every week (which I think she chooses randomly) has one card which deals with Organ Donation. When it comes, I will take it as a sign form the Universe (Yes …I am a sucker of Signs. Not astrological mind you .One on one ones.)  The sign that it’s time to do it. And if I do it, When I do it , I will post the third part –“Organ Donation Part III – So the Path.”

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Buffet at Fresc Co

I think it's a a long time since I posted for my sake alone. For some time now increasing my page views has become a priority and I don't want it to be so . Everyday morning and evening and ever half and hour between I check my blogger and facebook account. How sad is it. As if I don't have a life at all.

Yesterday T mama , me and hubby went to Ambiance mall. After shopping we went to this restaurant which served continental food. Fresc Co. We went for the buffet .It was around 595/- excluding taxes. The food was really good.

They had a variety of dishes and everything was great. I especially liked the steamed fish . It was beautifully soft. My hubby loved the chicken dishes . The pizza tasted great too. In-fact , I say it is worth going there for a celebration or an anniversary or just for relaxation because the ambiance is so good. Finding nature is a little difficult here in Gurgaon . However a more pleasant surroundings I have not gone, even though there is not a plant visible. Its just the lighting and the colors of the decor . Was amazing.

Oh i did not tell about the desserts. They had a great choice of desserts too. I mean they have kept it in such a way that it was impossible to resist. I had fruits , cream caramel ( oh god they looked so adorable and tasted so great i just had to resist popping more than two into my mouth.) ,The cheese cake was great.( Have had 4 times before, This tied with another for the first place.) Chocolate mousse and Raspberry mousse was good too.Oh how I regret not taking photos. Anyhow I stopped at that.

hmmmmm I should have stopped before itself. I simply have to do something about the weight. Not able to wear fitting clothes anymore without cringing and I am someone who really doesn't care about how i look. :( Very very sad......

Friday, December 16, 2011

Determination Award :) Yea!!!!!

I recently started following Ritu' blog Vivify. I had somehow stumbled into her blog while mindlessly clicking links to finish my goal of finding 25 blogs to follow. I wanted those blogs to be something I really enjoyed following. Then I came upon this concept of doing one random act of kindness per week by following the Joy of giving cards which Ritu uploads meticulously every single week. Rather than me tell about it, you can find the info her blog. I won this award when i followed the Week 13 card :). For the last two weeks I have felt better ,been happier and felt useful. So this award by her is actually a second award for me. It feels good .... As Barney feels awesome :)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Organ Donation -Part 1 --- For a Cause.

One of my goals to finish is getting an Organ Donation card. I have always wanted to do it , but again i was always scared to do it. I was hoping i will be able to do it atleast like this.I spent some time in the internet trying to find something about it. I found of a lot of things but what made an impression to  me was that Indians , Actually Asians are more reluctant to do so. Apparently they are afraid of the religious issues and other myths regarding this. I know exactly what they are talking about.
Whenever I think about this , a fierce debate goes on inside my head. Its as if i am just a silent spectator. I post this conversation below so that if at all there is a person like me trying to figure out what to do about this, maybe they will find that they are not alone.Maybe it will help them make their decision. Anyhow it helped me make mine in a way.

So here it is. My first play.Seriously don't know how to write one.Anyhow the idea was to clear my head.:)

Scene: Two girls in their 20s sitting simply and talking about Organ Donation.One is clearly a little softer in appearance and a little conscious of herself leaning toward the other who is slumped in her chair and looking at the first girl (henceforth "the timid one") with a "trying to figure out what's going on in your head" look

The Timid One : Someone said its prohibited to mutilate ones body in my religion.

The Logical One :  Its just somebody's opinion that God may have meant that. Anyhow if it was  your child. Would you still say 'my religion forbids' or would you donate? Be honest.

The Timid One : If I was perfectly honest , I guess I wouldn't care.

The Logical One:   Tell me if your child wanted an organ donation will you not scour the heavens and earth for the donar.

The Timid One: Why ofcourse I would. I would do everything possible in this world to save my child.

The Logical One : Then when you get a donar wont you thank his family, wont you be grateful,Wont you thank god.

The Timid One : Why ofcourse I would.

The Logical One : Then reverse the scenario. Why cant you be that donar? What if everyone thinks like you? From where will you get the donar.

The Timid One: (Taken aback but Convinced). OK .you are rt in the ascpect…But I am scared.

The Logical One :(Surprised) What for?

The Timid One :What if it happens like they show in the serials. I give my organs and then I get life back????

The Logical One:(incredulously) Are you listening to yourself????? Seriously???

The Timid One : Well, what if the doctors deliberately don’t save my life for the sake of the organs like they show in those cinemas.

The Logical One:  Ok no denying that there are scamming doctors but this doesn’t work like that. Anyhow if you were ever unfortunate enough to get near such poeple well…..what you fear will anyhow happen. I thought you had faith in god girl. And I thought you were educated!!!!

The Timid One: (confused )Well I do…I am …. But I dont know… I feel scared sometimes. What if I am mutilated in heaven or hell too.

(The Logical One rolls her eyes.)

The Timid One: (hurt and angry)You are rolling your eyes!!!…You are judging me. I honestly tell out my fears to you and you laugh at me…

The Logical One:(Smiling a little at the childish outburst) No no I am sorry. I did not mean to . I am sorry. Listen, do you remember the story we read?

The Timid One;(Somewhat mollified and in an ordering tone) Which story? Tell me.

The Logical One: Don’t you remember?: there is this man who sins in this world , he doesn’t care about being good but when his death approaches he gets scared of God and asks his sons to burn him and scatter his ashes into the sea because he did not want god to find him.

The Timid One : Oh yes..that one .But god just willed him to be there and he was .All in his flesh and blood.

The Logical One:(Like one asks to a child) Do youremember what happened next.

The Timid One: Well yes…. God asked him why he took the trouble to burn and scatter his ashes and the man replied because he was scared of God’s retribution.

The Logical One: Did God punish him then?

The Timid One: No…weird… God becomes happy and gives him a place in heaven.God confuses me sometimes. He doesnot act he way we think he will act sometimes.

The Logical One:. Well I think it meant that even though the man pretended he did not care , he actually did care and he believe in God so explicitly which actually pleased God. Hence he forgave the man and gave him heaven…
(adding a little dryly) and I guess an unmutilated body to go with his soul in heaven too….

The Timid One: Does that mean I can do anything? Interesting !!!

The Logical One: Ooook ,back to earth girl….I did not mean for you to think in that direction.What I meant was, don't you think if god can forgive him for such a  reason, god may not actually punish you for saving somebody’s life or giving some people the joy of their loved one being saved???

The Timid One….(slowly) I guess not…

The Logical One: You have faith in god….

The Timid One: I do…But….Sorry there is still a but….

The Logical One:No .thats ok…whats that but.

The Timid One : It’s a feeling, I am not able to express..

The Logical One: (With a sigh) It’s ok .I understand. Everything in its own time. Don’t worry about it... When the time is right what should happen will happen in the exact way it was supposed to happen. Atleast you are thinking about it. That's a good sign.

The Timid One : Maybe I need a sign ..

The Logical one tries one last time

The Logical One :  You know you want to do it. You have even put it in one of your 101 goal thing . Why would you do that if you really did not want to do the organ donation thing.

The Timid One  is silent.

The Logical One becomes silent too

The Timid One: (Praying fervently) Please give me sign God. I am confused. Please give me a sign

Note: Apparently The Logical One couldnot persuade The Timid One to give up on her fears.But if she could convince any of the readers , please, please do put a message.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Joy of Giving Card (JGC)- Week13

I did it!. I actually did it again!

Yes, compared to Week 12 JGC of handing over 10 inspirational quotes to strangers; Week 13 card of making chai  for your night watchman, was easy. But, it would be a lie to say my heart did not race at the thought of just handing out tea to someone I have never even seen the face. (I know…..sad).

There he was standing, doing his job, watching the street dog and her kids play . Haha he might not have even noticed someone watching him like a hawk .(that was me). I waited till 10:00 pm but then, I watched him check if all the cars in our lane were locked or not. He was moving away from our house. But I knew he would come back. I planned everything to the moment, even the dialogues. When I saw him nearing; I ran down.

“Bhaiyya” I called out to him slowly.
“Meinea thodi chai banayee hain, piyogea?”

(Translated to …”Brother” (We call everybody not related, brother) “I have made some tea , Would you like to have some?).

He was surprised .It was apparent in his eyes. He did not smile. But then he looked like those father types men serious and straight, who rarely showed pleasure or pain outside that much.

“Tand hain. Garam kuch hain tho zaroor piyengea.”  

(Translated : Its cold here. If there is something hot , I will surely drink).

 I ran back home, poured the hot hot tea in a glass , ran back and gave it to him. Then I came back with the greatest grin in my face and told my husband with a giggly dance. “I did it”. “I did it”.

Surprised but smiling he asked, “You actually did it?” He is one person who knows how much of a scaredy puss I actually am. I am so glad I have him. He never dampens my excitement even when I do anything at all. I nodded happily.

 I was so excited, I couldn’t sleep. I can do this again. I can do this again. After drinking the tea the watchman just kept the glass outside our stairs. I couldn’t ask him if he liked my tea. But I am satisfied.

You know even though the cards say you are doing it for strangers, I think these cards help us give happiness to ourselves more.

And don’t you think it’s our duty to ourselves, to do things that make us happy?; because only then, can we make others happy.

Hence, Highly recommended to try them out .

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lunar Eclipse -Dec 10 - 2011

Yesterday on our way to the market I looked up and saw that the moon was covered partly by a shadow. I realised that it was the Lunar  Eclipse.Suddenly I remembered that this was not our whole world.There was somethign else going on outside. Thats the earth's shadow we were seeing on moon . The heavenly bodies moving ,doing what they do consistently. We were just  a speck somewhere in a much larger spectrum.And We think. this world that we see , that's it.We think our world is 2 dimensional. Suddenly I felt to be a part of a bigger picture.I don't know whether I am expressing it clearly. It was almost a spiritual experience. I couldnt wait to get home and try to get some pics.  By the time we came home it was already covered. These were the photos we could get of the second half of the lunar eclipse. My hubby was the one who took these photos with our digital camera. I will never forget this day. I have studied the theory. To experience it like this....Magical.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

5 Things I Don't Miss From My Childhood :)

I have a confession to make.

This was my original post and not the previous one. I am one person who doesn’t miss my childhood. Yes there are specific things that I miss but I like this phase I am in too. I would not like to go back being a child even though it was a very happy time for me. When the Grass seems greener the other side I remind myself of the times when I wanted to grow up soon and come to this side of the fence ;). It helps me enjoy the present more. I would not change anything in my childhood yet these are five things I don’t miss now.

1. Having a seat to myself in a crowded bus.

   When I was kid, every time the bus would fill, my mother and father used to make me sit in their laps so that another person may sit. I know that’s the right thing to do and maybe I will do the same but,45min journey in a lap after you are 8 can be little uncomfortable too.

2. Not having the money to buy any number of books I want.

    In our generation, books were just becoming important. Especially fictional books were never considered to be very important. Anyhow we were given pocket money's which we could use in any way we wanted (within limits of course :) ). I and my sister s used to buy books with it but it was never enough. It used to  be my dream to someday own a room which had one full wall of Enid blytons, another wall of Comics and Another wall of Classics and the fourth wall of chocolates and snacks with a comfortable couch or bed in eh middle and I could spend my days in bliss doing nothing but read. Though I don’t have my dream room yet, I and my hubby having the same passion for books are on the way to having it someday :). Though maybe the fourth wall will have other kind of books for my expanded interests.

3. Having to hear YWUWYAO.

YWUWYAO.  -- meaning you will understand when you are older. As I understand nowadays children are encouraged to question but not so 20 years ago. We did something because we were told to do so. And when we asked the question why, the answer would be???You got it, YWUWYAO. (Interestingly one of my friends younger than me by 2 whole months used to tell it to me too. I wonder why I allowed that???) Anyhow, when it became once too many times I promised myself I would never ever tell that to anyone ever. And I know I have made good of that promise till now.

4. Childhood Anxiety.

    When the world ends at 2000 and when I am thrown into the vacuum will I be thrown apart from my parents was one of the scariest one J .Anyhow I was so scared of so many things. I was easily embarrassed and worried if anybody did not like me. Apparently that's quite common in kids. I don’t totally miss not having those anymore. Sure I have worries now too but now I feel better equipped to deal with them.Don't you?

5. Exams

   I don’t miss Exams. Always used to have nightmares that I don't have enough time to finish writing (funny thing was I always had it after the exams were over).Its more than 3 years since my final exams but recently I saw it again. But this time I think I conquered it once and for all. So I was having this nightmare in which I have only five more minutes and have more than half a min to solve .I was getting tensed, nervous when suddenly I wondered what exam am I writing. I had finished my Masters too and there is no other exam in front of me as I am not going to do PhD and realization came. This must be that wretched dream…….. And I got up. J Yahoo…….

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

5 Things I Miss From My Childhood

The number of Forwarded messages of “missing my childhood’ or “wish I was a child again” floating around in various social networking sites and mails got me into thinking. If I missed five things from my childhood what would they be?
I thought for some time (had to) and came up with these five things :

1. Never having to cook.
            I guess one of the reason we women, appreciate our mother’s cooking after marriage is because only now we know how much effort it takes to provide good food three times a day consistently every single day without even a complaint or a frown.

2. Knowing what to do next. (Or maybe being told what to do next  )
When I was five my parents sent me to school.
Then I knew I had to pass and go the next grade till 12th standard.
Then I knew it was the same until I came to 12th.
Then I knew I had to write the entrance examination to get into a college and I did.
I finished college, got placed in a company and then I knew I had to do my masters (thanks to Paulo Coelho) and I did.
I did my masters and I got a good job and in the process in knew I had to marry him. And I did.
Now I am married for one and a half years, am in a good job, have a great life but I don’t know what to do next.
Or is it that I am so used to known paths that I don’t know what to do when it’s time to make one’s own!!

3. Butterflies
            Our house used to be surrounded by plots and during the month of March they would be full of wild wines and flowers. Now they seem to have disappeared. Living in a flat in the city of course makes it quite difficult to spot one. Somehow I find their seemingly chaotic movement and bright wings the most enchanting thing to see.

4. Not being able to find “Treasures”.
                    The smoothest round white stone, the rhinoceros beetle shell, the tiniest shell ever found…. How important they used to be. Nowadays I am not able to find such “treasures”. Nothing inanimate feels like a treasure anymore. And I don’t even have children yet. (I have heard parents say children are their treasures. Hence that sentence) 

5. Playtime
                            How wonderful it would be if we just got that assigned playtime now too. From 4:30 to 6:00.Playing with friends. Maybe even now we can make time and be with our friends but we all seem to be so wrapped up with our own respective families it doesn’t happen at all. Maybe I miss this the most. 
So this was my list of “What I miss most from my childhood”. Now tell me, what’s yours?
Coming up 5 things I don’t miss from my childhood ;)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Chillies are sweet :)

My husband I normally like the same kind of food except for one thing "Green chillies. "I don't know whats with green chillies and him. Even a sight of one shakes him.Its not that he doesnot like spicy food. He does but he should not see one face to face. That's all. I suspect he has a forgotten childhood story which involved him biting into one unexpectedly. Normally I comply with his request but when he objected to putting green chillies in omlettes(who has heard of a spicy indian omlette to not have chillies) it was very difficult for me to do that whole heartedly.

One day I was in a particularly unforgiving mood and he was in a particularly blundering phase, which was not good for my nerves. One thing led to another and that night I became indifferent and declared that I was not going to make dinner and he could do it himself if he wanted to have food (at that time my hubby knew to make only 3 things-make ok dosa,make great tea and boil egg .) The funny thing was, he had no idea of what was wrong but two months of being with me had taught him to know better than try to tackle me at that time so he dissapeared from our room.

After 15 min or so I had regained my calm enough to remember my duty as a wife -( i.e. to provide him with good food). So I got up and went to the kitchen passing the hall. While passing I saw my hubby cutting something green in the chopping board. It was Chillies ..Green Green Chillies. He had chopped one and was critically examining another (He told me later that he was contemplating whether one would suffice so that he wouldnot have to face the horror of cutting another). He wanted to make Omlette for me.

The sight just melted my heart and the next 10 min...well was very sweet. The Omlette we had that day was the best I had ever had and from that day on, green chillies lent more than spice to the recipe, they were now a remainder of my hubby's love for me.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Saturday well spent :)

It's Sunday morning and hubby has just run of to office for an hour for something.This weekend was so much awaited.Its not that there was something special to do.its just that it feels so good to just be at home.During the weekends we bring the TV to our room and just laze about.Yesterday we saw 3 movies.3 and a half if you count the Korean movie.

1.The lady Vanishes ----A really nice movie directed by Alfred Hitchcock. It about the disappearance of a sweet old governess in the train which only the heroine acknowledges when everybody else denies the very existence of the lady.

2.Miss March ----- A truly teenage boy flick if i  may say so . I had thought "Miss March" will be some kind of an adaptation of the famous Josephine March of Little women but then found out that it was NOT AT ALL anything even remotely connected to her or her creed. My hubby was disgusted most of the time(and he is not a prude)  but i wanted to see where the movie went. Its about a 17 year old guy who goes to a coma and wakes up after 4 years and finds he is abandoned by his father and the love of his life who has gone and become a playboy girl. He is devastated and travels with his friend to find out how she could do such a thing!(Apparently the father leaving him is acceptable :) )

3. Up in the Air ------ Now this was worth seeing. This is the first movie i have ever seen of George Clooney. (Spykids doesn't count does it????). And it was a nice movie to see. Was it feel good????  I guess it was in some way, though we were wondering how someone can just spend their lifetime flying from one place to another. Clooney works for this company who send out people to fire other people whose bosses cant do it  themselves. A new college graduate suddenly proposes to do it online instead of personally, to cut the overhead costs and its up to Clooney to prove why one has to have face to face contact to fire someone.

3.5 She's on Duty -----I have seen 3 great Korean movies and this is not one of those. Anyhow it was enjoyable. It's about this undercovercop who has joined a high school  as a school girl in disguise  to become Best Friends with a girl whose father is a gang leader(???) so that they could find more about him. Anyhow she did not seem to have much luck at it but the cute classmate living next door did. Who is this boy???? Actually I don't know myself.Could not complete the movie as the subtitle file was not there .

Anyhow if anybody wants to know more about the movies, click  on the names.It will take you to the imdb links.

Happy movieing

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Joy of Giving - A start

This week I decided to actually get seriously into business about my 101 goals to do and as i said in the last post tried to find some good blogs to follow.  In the process I stumbled into ritu's blog.There was this wonderful idea of doing one small act of kindness by following the joy of giving cards.Rather than me telling about it maybe you should just know about it here. The first one I saw was "Hand out a CFL bulb to someone who cannot afford it". I was wondering who to give it to when I saw the author herself had given suggestions.So I turned and asked my maid  which bulb did she use in the house. She said it used to be a CFL but now that it was broken they had put the normal bulb.Now I dont know if it qualifies but I bought her a CFL to replace the bulb with this one.Did I feel better? I guess I did. Will I follow the cards al thoughout the year? I don't know.But I guess its a start.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

How not to write a Day Zero List

It around 5 months since i started the 101 things to do in 1001 days.I learnt somethings about making the far as possible dont make "for 31 consecutive days" or "50 recipies", or "every sunday".It takes too much sustained motivation to do that and what happens is maybe, one may start to lose it also.So mostly I might actually twist those things to something else.

Anyhow ,Ii was wondering which goal to concentrate and I saw "find 25 goals to follow."I have been trying to do that for a long time now but if I see a hundred blogs I see one which suits my taste.But suddenly yesterday I had a brainwave.Why not search in those blogs itself which i was already a follower.Afterall , like likes like.


I am much nearer to my 25 blogs to follow now :)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Productive Weekend

This weekend has been productive. We repaired the switches in our bedroom,something which has been put of since we came to this house. Repaired all the switches. Put on a light bulb for Christmas star. I saw a guy selling something which resembled a christmas tree but decided to buy it next year. Painting is going on in the bedroom wall -again something which has been put off for more than 10 months. Gave the radhdhi wala the piled up newspapers thoguh found out that there was not much. It looked a lot becasue it was dumped inside the box. So overall it was a weekend of procastinated things being done.Just the monthly shopping to be done more.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Begining of the Journey

I wrote this post in response to the writing prompt from Marcy's 'Scene from a memoir I haven't written yet'.
This is my first time and I have no idea if I am doing it right. Anyhow here goes.

Sept 11-2001 is a world famous date.Everyone remembers it.Every one knows it.The life of many changed after it and I am one such person.

I remember my father come from the office that day and asking us to turn on the TV. Someone had hijacked a plane and hit the twin towers with it in America. Dismay and horror reflected in each family member's face that day.
"Terrorists"...."Fools ,Idiots...if you want to prve a point then do just that .Why kill innocent civilians"- The feeling was universal. If this can happen in America, Why!, anything can happen anywhere, was another universal feeling. Frantic calls to freinds and  relatives in US and relieved confirmation that they were ok folllowed.

I am a muslim but for me the terrorrists were always "they". So obviously, it was a shock for me when the first thing one of my best freinds (who was not a muslim) said to me the next day was-"See what kind of people YOU are.YOUR people did this".

I was hurt. "WE" ???? What did "WE" have anything to do with it?We were a  typical Indian Muslim family. My father has more non-muslim friends than muslim friends. Religion was a part of who we are like any normal Indian.I could not say a word.I was ashamed I did not know anything about my own religion though I was a staunch believer and I could not defend it .We were nice people- I thought.We never harmed anyone. Did Islam really say such things as everyone claims? There was only one way to get the answer.It was time to read the Quran.

I remember coming home that day taking the Pick-hall translation of the Quran.I had tried to read it a number of times before but had never ever gone further than a couple of pages. However this time I did read it .I read it until my heart had calmed down. Since then I have read the Quran more than half a dozen times. I have found it logical and practical and open to interpretation(which many apparently make use of). The same sentence gives me diffrent ideas every time I read it.

I never defended my religion to that particular freind but my own journey into religion had began. In a way I am even thankful to that freind  for being the reason for me to start thinking and making my own path to God.I have journeyed from being religious to being spiritual. If not for her I would have been one of the crowd. Maybe I still am part of a crowd...A different one though.

Thursday, November 17, 2011


She was rolling her cycle from the computer center to the canteen when she saw a grubby little child play in the roadside.She looked with pleasure and enjoyed the child playing.She was still smiling when she walked past the child and she thought how much people change.Five years ago she didnot even like children.She had wondered whats so cute about them.Five years ago she would have only seen the dirt all over the child, the torn clothes and unkept hair of the labourer's child  but playing and being a part of her neices and nephews' babyhood changed all that.Why? She thought and the answer came...When you love someone with all your heart you see them everywhere.In every child that plays she sees her neice play.Isn't that nice she thought.Suddenly her mind jumped to the gujarat riots,Those terrible riots when mindless killings raged the streets.Would he who killed ,saw his son ,daughter sister or mother in his victim,would the knife still slit the throat.If integration were such that one would see only his loved ones wouldnt peace reign?

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Trip to Amritsar - JallianWala Bagh & Golden temple (2/2)

On our second day in Amritsar, we planned to visit the Golden Temple and the Jallianwala Bagh. Both the places were near to each other. We got an auto from our hotel for around Rs50/-- which dropped us near the Jallianwala Bagh.immediately we were surrounded by a mob of vendors who wanted to sell bandana’s to tie over our hair as no one is allowed to go to the Golden Temple without their head covered. A tip to future travellers, keep your hair covered already before you reach the place. My hubby had a scarf tied to his head even before he could understand what was happening. Tie a hankie, it will do. We decided to visit the Jallainwala Bagh at first and see the scene where the massacre had taken place. My hubby told me Dyer – the man who ordered the firing returned home a hero (Home being Great Britain for him). Shocking!!!,   though I understand the situation .But in a strange twisted way I felt he was one of the reasons why the Indian freedom struggle became even stronger. And for that I am thankful. The scenes of what might have happened there passed in front of my eyes and I wondered are we taking this freedom for granted….This hard earned freedom won not even two generations ago , Are we taking this for granted???

(The entrance area)

(One of the walls with bullet marks.)

(Bullets everywhere)

With these thoughts, we left the place and went to the Golden Temple. We kept our shoes outside washed our hands, passed through the shallow pool and entered the temple. The golden temple was surrounded by a great holy pool which had big colorful fish in it.I had seen pictures of the Temple, but to see something first hand is a different thing.

(The Golden Temple and the Holy pool.)

(It was calming to see them swim.)

(The complex.)

The Golden Temple was connected to the outer courtyard by one single way which had a long long line. So,we decided not to enter the inner complex of the temple situated at the center of the lake. We sat outside in the courtyard,looking at it. The place was very clean.It was cleaned meticulously .Though in the heart of the city, and there was no dust on the floor. It was a good experience though maybe not as spiritual as I thought it would be .Maybe I should have gone with a Sikh who could teach me about his/her faith. Maybe it would have been more spiritual then for me. Maybe it was just high expectation. Somehow I had imagined visiting a Gurudwara, especially the Golden temple, would have been an extremely moving experience for me.

We saw Sikhs in their whole traditional dress with the knife in the side. I loved the fact that women carried them too. As my friend’s husband remarked , here is a religious place where you need not worry about calling out your name, be Ram or Rahim. No one asks .I loved this too. It's not the same in a Mosque or a Temple. This is something one can learn from Sikhs.They are inclusive. These two things are the most special memories that I took from the Golden temple.

After coming out of the temple, my friend told there were good bangle shops in Amritsar so we went there. We found beautiful glass bangles and lathe bangles and they were extremely affordable. I regretted not having anybody’s size else I could have brought more.

After that we had lunch from brother Ki daabha.Was ok.thus with our agenda over we returned to the hotel and then to the railway sation.We returned home in Shatabdhi express. Overall it was a great trip.