Sunday, January 2, 2011

New year Resolutions

This year i had decided that i wouldn't keep any new year resolutions at all. In fact i had stopped believing in resolutions. 'If you want to do something, you can just do it' is my motto. However , there was one thing i wanted to change and that was the way i was behaving.

Last year i had become more adept in criticising anything and everything and more than a couple of people have been subject to my lashing tongue. So this year, the year i had resolved not to take any more resolutions i broke that one and took another -To take  take control of my character once again.For that, i sought the help of an old friend- Mr. Dale Carneige.

I had read his book" how to make friends and influence people" a long time ago.It was a time when i was more interested in human nature.I found the book  friendly, matter of fact and simple. It was an impressionable age and i had greatly benefited from him.Ofcourse with time, i had exchanged the book for other interesting ones and the second time i took it was a couple of years afterwards. I read through a few pages then, remembering it used to be a favourite, but this time i was just bored.I felt i had no longer any use of this character forming book as you seei felt i already knew all these things.Alas i should have realized it then and there that I was already forgetting everything I had ever learnt.

But recently, as I said, I was being a harsh critic and it was giving me a bad feeling. I felt I needed ot be a better person than I was this last year . No doubt I was more confident and more friendly and approachable nowadays than I ever was during my college days still I felt I  can be better than I am now.My esteemed husband is so understanding and good that he rarely minds any bad behaviour of mine.He would simply forgives me every time I go out of line.But I don't want him to forgive me all the time, Or you can say I dont want the situation in which he will have to forgive me at all. And so i took up Mr Dale Carneige's book once again. This time I do have the desire,and I intend to put into use everything i learn from him. I have just began the chapter about criticism.I intend to record the ways i have used his principles.

I used it once today, and it  failed.Our electric heater has broken and the plug had melted down and we called the electrician who had installed it in the first place to come and repair it. We had called him as soon as we reached from office and he said he will send a boy as soon as the guy comes back .Some thing in the way he said it made me feel that he had no intention of trying very hard. but still we called him twice again to remind him of the appointment.

AT LAST at 8:30 we called him again and then he refused to send any boy here.I felt very bad, more cheated actually because we could have tried to arrange for someone else if only he had told us before itself.i called him once again as i was feeling very bad and i would have regretted not saying what was in my mind. Rather than shout at him as i would have done usually, i just talked calmly and told him of my displeasure.In fact you can say i reproached him.

Its not a dale carneige style, but its a huge improvement for me.But  I guess that made the guy evermore irritated or frustrated that he cut the phone in the mid way. Though i must say i felt bad, i don't feel as bad as i would have if i had shouted at him and then he or I had cut the phone.

However Now I have decided its time for us to find another electrician and not to be dependent on one alone which is better not only for us but for others as well.

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