Sunday, February 20, 2011

Episode 3 - Home food in an alien land......Visit to Delhi

Every working couple knows the relevance of having the weekend to themselves. We normally laze .....really laze it out.As a rule we rarely go out.. My DH reminds me after every weekend that " a weekend wasted is not wasted at all".But this weekend we had to go out. We had given a mixer jar to get repaired in sarojini market in Delhi and ultimately after almost 3 months we decided to go and get it back.We went with absolutely no plans for the day but had a wonderful day after all.This is what we did...

Our first stop was the INA metro station from where we were supposed to take an auto the market.Delhi Haat, which is one of the famous places in Delhi which has shops selling famous things from all over India.Even if one does not have any intention to buy , it is a wonderful place to browse around looking at the various hand craftsmanship of representatives of different states.If one is lucky, one may even stumble upon various activities which are organised there.The last time we went they had folk dances from various states and this time there was a comic con which many children seemed to enjoy. The food stalls especially are a delight to food lovers, as one can taste food from various states just by going there. Today we felt a little hungry and didnot want to experiment and went to kerala stall just to eat something but the kappa and meen curry along with the fish fry we ordered was so tasty that just had to order two plates of the same thing.It felt almost like home food and in an alien land it was really really a happy feeling to get such good food so we indulged ourselves.

After that we were joined by a very good friend of ours, RNS who knows the places better than us and he told us of a better place to eat in INA market.So after we got our mixer jar back we went to this place named "kerala hotel".The place was buzzing with so many keralites that for one moment one could even forget that they were indeed in the other end of the country.It is quite an unassuming place in fact more like a thatt kada. but oh one should not go by the look of the place as it was extremely jam packed, it is a place where people come purely for the joy of eating as its not possible to dawdle over food as there are usually people waiting for a place to sit .Of course everyone has their fill and at their own pace.

We were three of us and we ordered three different dishes,One meals with fried fish ( which obviously was for me) and one chicken biryani and beef biryani. we all enjoyed our food very much and the helpings were quite worth the money they took form us and i promise you, this is the first time i have had a full fledged meal for three in Rs250/- after coming to North India and felt it was more than worth it.So thankful to RNS for showing us the place and so thankful to kerala hotel which does such a good job, we returned home with a full and satisfied feeling.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Episode 2- Red Hot Cafe on Valentines day

Valentines day used to be special in college days , not because anyone would propose or anything it was fun to see others proposing. May be its because i am married now and am not in the crowd of unmarried people anymore , i don't know much about what happening now a days in that front. I recently got to know that there were rose days and chocolate days and what not in the week preceding the valentines day.Anyhow this valentines day was pretty special for me.

Though i and my Hubby were courting each other for almost 2-3 years now, this was the first valentine that we spent together.Of course we spent the majority of the time in office but my DH told me he had planned a special dinner for me . On valentines day, we tried a new restaurant which specialized in Oriental food- The Red hot cafe.Our senior VA had suggested the place a long time ago because i love fish and was really missing it here in Gurgaon and maybe that's why my DH took me there. It was fun dressing up for the occasion.And it was quite romantic.

I would love to write about the food there but the problem is really don't remember the names, Everything was in a different language. In fact i went to wiki today just to get an idea of what doesThai food actually  consists of!!!!!!.First we had a banana leaf wrapped fish which was so soft that it melted in the mouth. I guess its made almost like its kerala counterpart except for the sauces and maybe this was steamed rather than fried.We also had this chicken fried rice which is the simplified name because the original name is difficult for me to remember and i loved it. I loved the flavours of lotus leaf and lemon leaf ( i got to know later on) which was one of the usual flavours in Thai food.What a wonderful idea using the leafs so that the subtle falvour is introduced in the dish ....Hari later told me that this technique was used  in certain parts of Kerala too, especially the lemon leaves. Thai and Kerala food does seem to have a lot of similarities. Along with the banana leaf wrapped fish, We also had a plate chilly fried prawn. It was quite delicious too. Of course, the King Prawn Singtu from 'Yo China' is and will always be my Favorite. Still i must say that these prawns were a close second....We also had a chicken Dish in which the chicken seemed to be,- in my DH's words "grated". Whether it was or not i have no idea but it did have a very paneerish texture.

I know i have talked about the food more than about the special day......but hey,,,by gods grace,,,,everyday is a valentines day for me :)But seriously, food is one of the passions that i and my hubby share. Discovery a new taste together was and will always be a wonderful way to spend time together.

' Touch Wood.....

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Life religion and Self

yesterday i realised what a boring name i had chosen for my blog.infact it was so boring and pretentious too. Everytime i opened the blog i was compelled to write about heavy topics ,i was not at all comfortable. that is not me...Blogging is the sphere where i found my self,i cant be pretentious over here.So i decided the next time i am going online i am changing the hoolia of my blog. But alas have not been able to change the name of the site :(.If anyoen can help me out in that i will be really
Yesterday was a nice day, my DH bought the router for my use so that anytime and everytime i want to acess the net i will be able to and i need not wait or ask for DH to free the computer for me.And atlast my laptop feels useful again.

Evening GSC and RN came for dinner, i made the fried rice and chicken curry. Earlier that day i had made cauliflower fry. i just improvised on a recipie i saw for chicken (KFC) .Came out good though maybe a little more masala would be have been better. i feel so happy when something i make comes out good.I think i feel the most happy when people enjoy the food i make.It is so so rewarding.Have to go now.....

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Episode 1 - the Puppet Show

Yesterday at work, sir and ma'am called me to the room and asked if I would be interested to go to a puppet show in Epicenter. Having recently read about the various shows which go in Gurgaon and Delhi ,I was really enthusiastic about it. Of course, the Ramayana based play would be actually more interesting but it was more to start  the the actual act of going to plays and other activities ,it was to be the starting of something we could do.And of course going out with sir and ma'am and their respective family was better still..RN also said that he would be interested but GC refused.

We reached Epicenter at some 7 and the show started at 7:30. It was "the emperors new clothes" by Ishara Group . Everyone must have read the Hans christian Anderson Story of the vain emperor who wanted to wear the best clothes of the world and ended up wearing absolutely nothing at all.From the eyes of an adult the first few minutes of the play saw lots of jumping and running around by the play makers saying something which apparently was funny because i did not find them amusing at all and then i realised i should be watching this from the eyes of a child whose imagination sours with the narration and the heart joys in the big masks and colourful attire which this show could surely boast off.

I was disappointed at first  that it was not a  fully puppet thing as it was people who dressed themselves as puppets and did the show and frankly speaking i felt the act to be a little chaotic at times. There were too many hand movements which did not mean a thing and a lot of jumping around.Somehow, i feel that that the hand movements should have been better as the body had to be used to convey emotions completely as the face was covered with a mask.The excitement one wants to project to the audience shouldn't come at the cost of meaningless movements. Though people do associate excitement with children i feel children are better critics than adults and if you can get them clapping in the end then the play is a success no matter what the critics say.

Now moving to the things i liked. I loved the King.I absolutely adored him.His puppet face showed emotions.  I felt his puppet mask to be happy,sad, confused,elated,proud ..EVERYTHING. Though it was of course a paper mashe mask..I liked the scene in which he came to the weavers house eager to see the clothe and his confusion on not seeing any clothes in the loom.

The Mr. laughed at his comical behaviour in the beginning and only after he came was there life in the play.I liked the belly dancing part too. The other puppet who caugth my attention was the narrator, and after that it was the guard.The costumes were different and the masks were very nice.

My overall experience was that it was OK.Would i think it was worth Rs250/- .I don't know.I think it has won accolades but i would like them to polish it a little more.