Saturday, February 5, 2011

Episode 1 - the Puppet Show

Yesterday at work, sir and ma'am called me to the room and asked if I would be interested to go to a puppet show in Epicenter. Having recently read about the various shows which go in Gurgaon and Delhi ,I was really enthusiastic about it. Of course, the Ramayana based play would be actually more interesting but it was more to start  the the actual act of going to plays and other activities ,it was to be the starting of something we could do.And of course going out with sir and ma'am and their respective family was better still..RN also said that he would be interested but GC refused.

We reached Epicenter at some 7 and the show started at 7:30. It was "the emperors new clothes" by Ishara Group . Everyone must have read the Hans christian Anderson Story of the vain emperor who wanted to wear the best clothes of the world and ended up wearing absolutely nothing at all.From the eyes of an adult the first few minutes of the play saw lots of jumping and running around by the play makers saying something which apparently was funny because i did not find them amusing at all and then i realised i should be watching this from the eyes of a child whose imagination sours with the narration and the heart joys in the big masks and colourful attire which this show could surely boast off.

I was disappointed at first  that it was not a  fully puppet thing as it was people who dressed themselves as puppets and did the show and frankly speaking i felt the act to be a little chaotic at times. There were too many hand movements which did not mean a thing and a lot of jumping around.Somehow, i feel that that the hand movements should have been better as the body had to be used to convey emotions completely as the face was covered with a mask.The excitement one wants to project to the audience shouldn't come at the cost of meaningless movements. Though people do associate excitement with children i feel children are better critics than adults and if you can get them clapping in the end then the play is a success no matter what the critics say.

Now moving to the things i liked. I loved the King.I absolutely adored him.His puppet face showed emotions.  I felt his puppet mask to be happy,sad, confused,elated,proud ..EVERYTHING. Though it was of course a paper mashe mask..I liked the scene in which he came to the weavers house eager to see the clothe and his confusion on not seeing any clothes in the loom.

The Mr. laughed at his comical behaviour in the beginning and only after he came was there life in the play.I liked the belly dancing part too. The other puppet who caugth my attention was the narrator, and after that it was the guard.The costumes were different and the masks were very nice.

My overall experience was that it was OK.Would i think it was worth Rs250/- .I don't know.I think it has won accolades but i would like them to polish it a little more.

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