Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Episode 2- Red Hot Cafe on Valentines day

Valentines day used to be special in college days , not because anyone would propose or anything it was fun to see others proposing. May be its because i am married now and am not in the crowd of unmarried people anymore , i don't know much about what happening now a days in that front. I recently got to know that there were rose days and chocolate days and what not in the week preceding the valentines day.Anyhow this valentines day was pretty special for me.

Though i and my Hubby were courting each other for almost 2-3 years now, this was the first valentine that we spent together.Of course we spent the majority of the time in office but my DH told me he had planned a special dinner for me . On valentines day, we tried a new restaurant which specialized in Oriental food- The Red hot cafe.Our senior VA had suggested the place a long time ago because i love fish and was really missing it here in Gurgaon and maybe that's why my DH took me there. It was fun dressing up for the occasion.And it was quite romantic.

I would love to write about the food there but the problem is really don't remember the names, Everything was in a different language. In fact i went to wiki today just to get an idea of what doesThai food actually  consists of!!!!!!.First we had a banana leaf wrapped fish which was so soft that it melted in the mouth. I guess its made almost like its kerala counterpart except for the sauces and maybe this was steamed rather than fried.We also had this chicken fried rice which is the simplified name because the original name is difficult for me to remember and i loved it. I loved the flavours of lotus leaf and lemon leaf ( i got to know later on) which was one of the usual flavours in Thai food.What a wonderful idea using the leafs so that the subtle falvour is introduced in the dish ....Hari later told me that this technique was used  in certain parts of Kerala too, especially the lemon leaves. Thai and Kerala food does seem to have a lot of similarities. Along with the banana leaf wrapped fish, We also had a plate chilly fried prawn. It was quite delicious too. Of course, the King Prawn Singtu from 'Yo China' is and will always be my Favorite. Still i must say that these prawns were a close second....We also had a chicken Dish in which the chicken seemed to be,- in my DH's words "grated". Whether it was or not i have no idea but it did have a very paneerish texture.

I know i have talked about the food more than about the special day......but hey,,,by gods grace,,,,everyday is a valentines day for me :)But seriously, food is one of the passions that i and my hubby share. Discovery a new taste together was and will always be a wonderful way to spend time together.

' Touch Wood.....

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