Sunday, February 13, 2011

Life religion and Self

yesterday i realised what a boring name i had chosen for my blog.infact it was so boring and pretentious too. Everytime i opened the blog i was compelled to write about heavy topics ,i was not at all comfortable. that is not me...Blogging is the sphere where i found my self,i cant be pretentious over here.So i decided the next time i am going online i am changing the hoolia of my blog. But alas have not been able to change the name of the site :(.If anyoen can help me out in that i will be really
Yesterday was a nice day, my DH bought the router for my use so that anytime and everytime i want to acess the net i will be able to and i need not wait or ask for DH to free the computer for me.And atlast my laptop feels useful again.

Evening GSC and RN came for dinner, i made the fried rice and chicken curry. Earlier that day i had made cauliflower fry. i just improvised on a recipie i saw for chicken (KFC) .Came out good though maybe a little more masala would be have been better. i feel so happy when something i make comes out good.I think i feel the most happy when people enjoy the food i make.It is so so rewarding.Have to go now.....


  1. Just try n go to ur basic blog settings and edit the title field girl.. Hope it might work for you. Not sure!! :))

  2. Thanks MITZ,i was able to change it after sometime.The name of my blog used to be :)


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