Sunday, March 27, 2011

Back to Enid Blytons

"Sally Simple was very angry because she was always losing her matches"

Sally Simple, Dame Twinkles, Waggle Tail the rabbit....all freinds of childhood. I used to love Enid Blyton.I read my first enid blyton when i was 10. I used to read comics but books were beyond me. I still remember that summer vacation. A new place (the year we moved to our own house), nothing to do...i was begging my sister fathima for a story.I took the book "five go to mystery moor" and asked her for the story.Suprisingly she agreed and began telling the story.It was getting quite interesting and suddenly she stopped. She plain blank refused to tell me the rest.I pleaded, cried, even threw a tantrum but she was like a rock. She just repeated each time.Read the book.

Atlast i read it and thus started my reading habit.Though that day i almost cursed my sister, today i am atmost thankful to her for getting me into the habit. It started off with Enid Blytons, then hardy boys and Nancy drews, then novels. I think the first novel that i read was " A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" by Betty Smith. It is one of the most bueatiful  novels i have ever ever read and if in case you have not read it, i highly recommend it to you.

In the years to come they became my best freinds, they still remain my main source of pleasure and advice.Infact books made me what i am now.
At first i used to read from my sister's collection and her tastes used to be mine, then i diverged to newer generes. There was a time when i used to read only serious books but life began to get serious and now i am back to where i started. Enid Blytons....She always had happy endings. she always made the good win  and i am a sucker for happy endings ...Arent we all :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Episode 4 - Heritage walk to Mehrauli Archeological Park

The Last Saturday we went to a heritage walk conducted by the Delhi chapter of INTACH (The Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage).They organise walks every week end to the lesser known places of Delhi which in fact in my opinion give a much more insight to our glorious past.I have visited almost all the more well known places in Delhi namely the QutabMinar complex, the Lotus temple, the Jama masjid and so on. but INTACH gave me an opportunity to visit the not so well known places as well..

We were guided by our Walk leader Ms Aradhana Sinha, a soft spoken and patient lady who illuminated us with the subtle points of the walk.e started with Balban's tomb where she showed us remnants of the blue tiles which were used extensively in their period.

But what excited me more was the remnants of what is believed to be rt now as a residential/ office complex near the tomb.From that moment on i went back in time, left 17 years behind me and enjoyed the walk in the way only a child could.Imagination soared when we saw the ruins and each one had a theory of what exactly, that particular place in the ruins would have signified. Scholars in their work rooms or a family resting together or Friends chatting in the front yard. All the complex was so closely knit , it gave the community feeling which rarely is visible now in our lives.

From there we went to the Jamali Kamali mosque and the tomb.The inner walls of the tomb still had the painted motiffs,their beautiful geometrical patterns with red white and blue paints. Thank god they were found in a much better shape.

From there we went to Mettcaffes guest house and had a tour of his estate.where Ms Aradhana described the whole setup of his estate , the Dove khana,which was converted to a boat house, the char bagh concept of his gardens and ultimately his own guest house which he had constructed on the mosque. However only the mosque itself remained and the newer construction had left no trace behind, not only because they could not withstand the test of time but also maybe due to the anti British riots which took place one a half centuries before.

After that we went to see Rajon ki Baoli, this huge huge step well which was presently undergoing restoration.But God, it was scary going even 2 foot near the huge round bottomless(or so it seemed) wells which were the main water source.The  huge well in my grandmothers backyard seemed puny compared to this.

Rajon ki Baoli was our last major stop after which we got to know some different VA says people other than who know to draw bending moment and shear force diagrams. We also got to know about another group known as Lets Walk Gurgaon.They have quite long walks and i don't think i have the stamina for it but maybe some time soon.....

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dreamer of dreams

I have always believed in dreaming and making your dreams comes true. after a particularly successful dream i guess i grew a wee bit too confident in that. I have always loved to write. English had been...I repeat "had" been one of my strong points. I could express better in writing than telling  it out. I have written some poems which I dare to hope are not bad, if not exceptional.I have written short stories(more to remove the boredom of sitting in the classrooms).I have started out dramatic novels before i was 15 which i never knew where to finish. Quite a start, you could say. I have always wanted to publish one poem or a story of mine. Anything but definitely once in my lifetime...Is it too ambitious? I ask myself...Don't we see even 8 year olds publishing books???? But now I feel its so difficult.

today being at home with fever and not having the energy to do anything else, i decided to use the only thing accessible to me from the laptop.

I started browsing through the blogs simply and found they were so good I can hardly even be below their league ...forget about being better than them.And now I ask myself, was i being too ambitious. I am a person who believes that everyone has greatness in them , Its only that people find it more difficult ot believe they can actually be great.But now i ask myself. Do I have that greatness in me. Will i be able to make my dream come true?Or do i need ot back down .....Do i need to stop dreaming?

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Have you ever wondered...

The time i think of you, i remember the times we played together,i remember the walks we had ....the talks we had.But still the thing that comes to my mind most of all  are of all the things i have not shared with you. Its not secrets , just things i have hidden in the depths of my mind, those  i wouldn't tell because i did not want to contradict you or hurt you.

But now i wonder whether it was wrong of me to do so.There are lots of things to say but somethings are more important than others.In that fateful mail ( fateful because it redefined something for me),when you had lovingly advised me from marrying someone who did not belong to the faith we belonged, telling me that i was deviating from the right path, i felt some questions arise within me.

Have you ever wondered my dear friend ,why you had faith in God , whatever name you may choose to call him.Why do you think that your religion is the right path and others are wrong.Have you ever wondered why you were born in your religion and not in another?

Have you ever wondered, if at all you were born in another religion, would you have taken the pains to know your present religion ?

Is the answer yes???

Have you tried to know your current religion or any other religion from sources other that what is presented to you?

Can you honestly answer yes?

When you have not tried to understand any other religion now,what makes you think you would do the same if the situation was any different?

Is it not easier to uphold your own religion as the best simply because you chanced to belong to it and dont know about any other religion?

If it was not chance... and god made you into a hindu/muslim/christian or jew by design,why do you think he favored you even before you were born.Was it because of any good deeds you did before you were born, but of course people from abrahamic religions cannot even boast of it as don't they have just one life.Then why should God favor you? Why should something be easy for you and difficult for someone else.Why should i have a chance for heaven when all the others are doomed to hell unless they suffer or strip themselves from their soceity.Why should something be easy for you and difficult for someone else

Have you ever wondered ????