Sunday, March 27, 2011

Back to Enid Blytons

"Sally Simple was very angry because she was always losing her matches"

Sally Simple, Dame Twinkles, Waggle Tail the rabbit....all freinds of childhood. I used to love Enid Blyton.I read my first enid blyton when i was 10. I used to read comics but books were beyond me. I still remember that summer vacation. A new place (the year we moved to our own house), nothing to do...i was begging my sister fathima for a story.I took the book "five go to mystery moor" and asked her for the story.Suprisingly she agreed and began telling the story.It was getting quite interesting and suddenly she stopped. She plain blank refused to tell me the rest.I pleaded, cried, even threw a tantrum but she was like a rock. She just repeated each time.Read the book.

Atlast i read it and thus started my reading habit.Though that day i almost cursed my sister, today i am atmost thankful to her for getting me into the habit. It started off with Enid Blytons, then hardy boys and Nancy drews, then novels. I think the first novel that i read was " A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" by Betty Smith. It is one of the most bueatiful  novels i have ever ever read and if in case you have not read it, i highly recommend it to you.

In the years to come they became my best freinds, they still remain my main source of pleasure and advice.Infact books made me what i am now.
At first i used to read from my sister's collection and her tastes used to be mine, then i diverged to newer generes. There was a time when i used to read only serious books but life began to get serious and now i am back to where i started. Enid Blytons....She always had happy endings. she always made the good win  and i am a sucker for happy endings ...Arent we all :)

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