Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dreamer of dreams

I have always believed in dreaming and making your dreams comes true. after a particularly successful dream i guess i grew a wee bit too confident in that. I have always loved to write. English had been...I repeat "had" been one of my strong points. I could express better in writing than telling  it out. I have written some poems which I dare to hope are not bad, if not exceptional.I have written short stories(more to remove the boredom of sitting in the classrooms).I have started out dramatic novels before i was 15 which i never knew where to finish. Quite a start, you could say. I have always wanted to publish one poem or a story of mine. Anything but definitely once in my lifetime...Is it too ambitious? I ask myself...Don't we see even 8 year olds publishing books???? But now I feel its so difficult.

today being at home with fever and not having the energy to do anything else, i decided to use the only thing accessible to me from the laptop.

I started browsing through the blogs simply and found they were so good I can hardly even be below their league ...forget about being better than them.And now I ask myself, was i being too ambitious. I am a person who believes that everyone has greatness in them , Its only that people find it more difficult ot believe they can actually be great.But now i ask myself. Do I have that greatness in me. Will i be able to make my dream come true?Or do i need ot back down .....Do i need to stop dreaming?

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