Sunday, April 24, 2011

Back to Gurgaon

Reached back Gurgaon from a two week vacation. Though there was a nice feeling of coming back home i won’t deny my heart sank a little when we left Kerala and even more when we reached Delhi. Our heart still remains near our childhood homes. How technology has made our life easier. The time we took from cochin to Delhi was the time achchan and amma took to reach Trivandrum from cochin.

This time, the flight trip was quite ok. Thank god the seats we got were good. On the journey towards home it was so difficult. Not only were our seats non pushable exit seats my experience with the air hostess was not that good too. I was amazed at their nonchalant attitude and immaturity in dealing with the customers.

I have travelled in flight during my childhood days with my father when we used to go to Chennai availing his LTC. Indian Airlines. The crisp cotton saaries with high necked blouses, the sophisticated language of the cabin crew chief, the voice of the pilot, the melodies in the plane. I always used to have a good feeling while travelling with Indian airlines. Of course nowadays when one has to pay from one’s own pocket one tends to choose the low cost airlines. I was quite happy with spice jet for the last two three years but this time in both my flights towards and from cochin, i was not very happy with the way the air hostess behaved.

I might seem quite churlish in my attitude but i was beginning to think that nowadays anyone who knew to put makeup and wear short skirts could become air hostesses. Then it hit me. Then air hostesses used to be sophisticated ladies who knew etiquettes’, who could enforce it on passengers yet make the customers feel like royalty but now a days they are hardly school girls out to make a glamorous career. Then i guess airhostesses were trained in every aspect of hospitality but now a days with the mass production of flights has come the mass production of service. It is expected the quality service had to drop.

Maybe this blog is quite judgmental. But next time i would like to travel by Indian airlines once again even though i know it has fallen from grace quite a long time ago.

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