Saturday, April 30, 2011

Minimal Things Maximum Living

Summer is here and we have welcomed it atlast by repairing our desert cooler.We were confused as to whether we need to buy an ac or not but ultimatley decided to wait a few more weeks.Minimal living is our concept though i wont say we live to minimal to that extent.We have not brought sofa sets.My cane stools serve as a stool,storage area and TV stand and a good flat surface for making Barottas (in fact i am mighty proud of them).Our diwan is 4beds stacked together which will go to their respective bedsteads when company comes to stay.Our TV accessories are kept on wide cardboard boxes covered with nice velvet cloth. I am extremely happy with the arrangement.Its fun being married and its fun arranging stuff in your house.Recently i went through photos of thing we started out when we were just married and how much we have now and not even a year has passed. Blessed we are....

We started our new life with these as our assets.

The hall / dining area

I have only seen a kitchen as tiny as this once before, still enough for me.

8 months Later........

Kitchen...Only and Only Mine :)

Hmmmmm...Maybe the title does nott suit but still let it be.

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