Saturday, April 2, 2011

Writing simply just to not lose touch

Today i was the perfect house wife. i hear people call it a home maker now but are not all women home makers. literally just becasue i work outside doesnot mean i am any less a home maker, does it.Anyhow whats wrong in knowing as a house wife i would never understand. Anyhow i got up, got tea and food ready alone(normally DH helps me out ). gave food for him while he went to work, cleaned the house , made lunch for him , he came in the afternoon . we had lunch and again he left for office. Morning was great but by evening i felt alone.It must be difficult being alone this way. I guess when we have babies it will be extermly different .I actually wanted to stop working but now i think maybe i should not be that hasty.

While my friends are trying out great great recipies, i am sticking to normally easy ones.Made tomato rice today.Maybe tomorrow i will try something else new.Time goes quite fast when he is there with me.More only one week to go to kerala. the trip will be difficult in a way but weirdly i am rarely thinking about it.2 weeks. i will miss my home.It will be fun to meet everyone once again. We live too far from home.....

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