Sunday, May 29, 2011

Buddha by Osamu Tezuka

In case you are wondering where you have herd the name Osamu Tezuka he i the creator of Astroboy.In case you are wondering who this Astroboy is, well I dont think this post is for you.My husband discovered this book in "Om book house". It consists of about 8 Volumes of the life of Buddha.I was always interested in the Buddha and my hubby was always interested in mangai and so wanted to buy this book for us.Reading the first volume I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was not the story of buddha alone but every one in his life. I finished the first one -"Kapilavastu" and was eager to read the second which my hubby brought from flipkart.I read "The Four Encounters" which is the second volume and i am eagerly waiting for the other books to arrive, this time brougth from India plaza.

The wonderful thing about this book is the way it is written. It's Comical with contemperory language and jokes.The way the drawings have been presented.The matter of fact way the story has been narrated with each character having his or her own importance all adds to the charm of the graphic novel.Another thing I liked was the healthy attitude  of showing the half nude women folk. I guess it was so in that period of time.

For people who love reading comics I reccomend this book. For people who are prudish enough to consider themselves above mangai /Graphic novels.....Well you dontknow what you are missing.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Show time

Finished seeing "The kings speech" today. Colin Firth never ever dissappoints me. I loved the movie. Loved the theme.Loved everything about it.Rightnow seeing another movie "True Grit".Seems promising as of now.Today The carpentry guy came today.Everything happened well.

My weekly missions are going well.As it is just 5 days missions, I am able to keep to it.My first week was the 2 min in the other bedroom.The second was no sweets with the afternoon lunch.Next week i intend to spend 5 min per day in our master bedroom.We rarely use any place of our house apart from our bedroom and kitchen. I sometimes wonder why we have a 2 BHK.

Lots of wonderful movies are coming this week. Want to see Kung Fu Panda -2.My maam told me about a movie .I dont remember the name...some ones dabba. Then the boys want to see Hangover -2.A friend highly recommended "Pyar ka Panchnama"Infact he said hubby should not go with me....AS IF...

Thursday, May 26, 2011


I wanted to record what all i had learnt in my from my day to day life starting today.

1. When you buy some thing like a vaccum cleaner always open the box that you are given in the shop itself, (even if it is sealed.Open after buying it) and see that none of the pieces are damaged.Appllicable  mostly to things with a lot of small small parts.Its one month since we are trying to replace something.HEAD ACHE

2.While looking for a bridegroom for a daughter, don't just see the father of the guy.Its old school thougth that Sons are like fathers.Always make extra sure of the guy.He may be very nice but not necessarily nice to your child or sister or friend.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Another Weekend Gone

Feeling tired and desprited today.The house magically has become messy again. How does this thing happen??????? I keep wondering.I am really really proud to be a women. We women are tough.Men wont last  a week with the schedules we keep....hmmmmm still they prefer boy children in some places. Glad my parents were not one of them.

It rained yesterday and today. The wind was icy cold.I am confused.Is it still summer or has the rainy season began. The funny thing is we had set up the ac yesterday and guess what?????,  the climate has become so good we barely need to use it.

We went to see Pirates of Carribean -On stranger Tides today.We always prefer the 2 D version .It was good. Maybe not as good as the other three but ok. The scenic beauty was quite less , atleast i felt so.I also felt that Penelope Cruise did not belong there .Salma Hayek would have been so good . Story line was ok.Movie was ok but i could have seen it at home as well.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Its raining Hailstones

It rained Hail stones today. I was so excited. This is the first time i have seen hailstones. I have always wanted to see them. From the very first day, when my eldest sister told me that once she collected hailstones from the ground and kept them in the fridge.This ice things that falls form the sky . I was barely 4.ICE.... that too falling from the sky, how magical it could be. This is one of the easrliest memories.I am standing in front of our bangalore house door. Fathima is behind me with her hands on my chest.i am maybe only until her waist at that time.Father is standing on my left. I am eagerly looking out for hailstones.I am always extremly happy in memories.

 Now almost 24 years later I saw them. I wanted to collect them too and put the into a bottle and keep them in a fridge. It was so beautiful. Some how i always imagined hailstones to be know stones, but these were so pretty. so soft ( but i made sure i was not under the open sky when they were falling)...size of a bean. I could not collect them because by the time the rain stopped all the stones had melted..... Another of my childhood wishes fulfilled.It WAS Magical.

Hey if it rains hailstones, does it mean summer is officially over. I thought agni nakshatram was yet to come.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Summer in Gurgaon

Summer has started showing his true colors and we are finding it really difficult to live without an ac.How the times have changed. Things which used to be a  luxury is slowly turning into a necessity.Mother says now a days every house in our native place, has an ac and believe me thats something to say.

Boiling water is coming through the pipes.But our underground tanks have come to our rescue. The same underground tanks which till now were a bane of our lives. Coming from a place where water supply is 24 x 7 ,the concept of water coming only an hour a day is a little hard for me to digest.We have to put the motor on and pump in to the over head tank.If by chance we forget to off the motor, the water goes waste.Sometimes there is an additional head ache of having to go down stairs and clear the air lock in the motor.(remembered our fluid mechanics lab rt now)

But now the same thing has come to save us from the heat. Evenings and mornings, just before we take shower ,we switch on the motor. Though the water from the OHT is hot , the water from the underground tank is still deliciously cool. And it feels so good after that.Weird ..sometimes the very thing which is a problem helps us in some way.

Anyhow my fly lady routine of 2 min a day on a hot spot, is working like a charm. The other bedroom has become visibly clean now. In a day or two....the hidden things may be arranged too. Anyhow its a wonderful feeling. 

Monday, May 16, 2011

Trying to be a flybaby

Yesterday night i decided to make a to do list for today.Religiously i wrote my schedule, a small one. One of them was spending two minutes in a hotspot.I like fly lady very much.Though i have never been able to follow her routines i try to take inspiration from her to bring me a little of that true peace. Our house is not that filled with clutter but still there are some areas which i need to clean up especially the other bedroom that we now use  to keep all things not required by us in a hourly or daily basis.This week i have decided to use that 2 minutes to arrange the things in that room.lets see what happens.

Oh today bought my lucky bamboo. have been wanting to get one for so many days. This is my third one. the first one dried off when i had to come to gurgaon for my job.i was never committed to the second one.But this one is going to be special , i know it.its so beautiful and green.I saw another plant there.It looked like a bonsai.but its a bit costly around 800/-Frankly speaking i wouldn't mind spending 800 on that but i don't have that much money in my kitty .Haha this is funny. I earn quite a decent salary every month but I prefer this pocket money that my hubby gives me sometimes.Normally we ask each others opinion on every paisa we spend and the other can always veto something, but we have an agreement. I can even burn the money in this kitty and he wont say a word.Its special. 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Scared to fight for Justice

Some days ago our maid told us about an incident that happened in her place. It seems a girl , around 14 who was quite beautiful was abducted from her own home while she was sleeping with her parents in the night and then people had found her beaten and bruised( i didnot want to know more) .The girl was then carried to the hospital. It turned out that she had spoken back rudely to a couple of guys in her own neighborhood who used to pass sleazy comments to her.The police did catch those guys but today our maid came with the news that the guys were out of the police station.I asked her how the girl was now and my maid replied "she is alive...... as yet".What will be the condition of her parents and herself now that the guys are out, god only knows.

What kind of a world are we living in?cant a girl , a small girl walk in the road safetly.She cant defend herself from road side mawwalli's? She is not safe even in her parents home? The police left the guys because apparently they were studying in college?And the college still have them???? I don't even know what to say about that.The world is getting scarier day by day.We normal middle class people wont do anything because we are scared too. Why is this happening? why do boys think they can do anything to girls and get away?.Are women nothing but things for them?True Education has to start at home.

Dont tell boys they can sit around in the house simply while their sister does the chores.Let not the mother cook clean and work alone,Let the father help.Lets not tell out that "you are girls you cannot do this" or "You are not a boy so you cant do that".I agree physically we are much weaker than the boys but thats the only weakness a women has.The rest is man made.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

I was wondering the other day what do women google mostly about. I google of Organising stuff. Some like recipes and some movies or fashion but i love reading organising tips on home. i browse a lot and sometimes i get really good ideas. Ofcourse i have to adapt them to our living style.Some day i will post something on it.Anyhow found out that i could not find the answer . except that " i hate my husband"   ???!!!!??

Anyhow let this post be one of the numerous posts (maybe or maybe not) which i am going to write about the organising tips that i have read and applied.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Except my Love by Mary Burchell

*Spoiler Alert - Contains the whole story in one page.

"Except my love " was one of the first romance novels  that i had ever read and i loved it. its the story of a unassuming girl who falls head over heels for her serious boss Oliver.Under some unexpected circumstance Oliver proposes to her and says he will give her everything except his love.Erica accepts his conditions but she soon realises that she wants exactly what he wouldnt give to her. And to complicate matters in comes  the Glamorous, talented ,concert pianist ex girl friend of Oliver on the day of wedding.One thing leads to another in the following days and erica not telling oliver that his ex had tried to contact him before marraige proves to be disastrous to their marraige and ultimately not able to take his cold attitude towards her, Erica leaves him and goes away to some other place where her best friend accompanies her.

While on an interview for a job as a secretary for a doctor she comes to know that she is expecting and later on her son is born who so much resembles Oliver.

One year passes and one day Erica sees Oliver's best friend's concert news in a paper and decides to go to listen to him for old times sake. There she sees Oliver with his ex and becomes even more disheartened.At that time Colin -Olivers friend sees her and accompanies her home when he finds out  that Erica now has a son. He asks Erica to tell Oliver but she becomes so distressed that he does not make any reference to it anymore.

Colin starts frequenting her home and Erica does not mind because she realizes that Colin has feelings for Erica's friend.Once Erica accompanies Colin to a party where she runs into Oliver.They exchange words and Oliver is bent on finding out more about her but she doesn't yeild. Later after somedays Oliver does find out where she lives and she invites him inside where he discovers that they have a son.

He reproaches her on her hiding this from him but when she says she feared that Oliver would separate her from her child he promises her that that would never happen. He also finds out that Colin knew about Oliver Junior/Bunny and jumps into the conclusion that Erica has found happiness with Colin. Wanting to do the one good thing for Erica , he promises to send the divorce papers to her and she says yes thinking he is still in love with his ex

Now comes the climatic twist

Bunny falls sick and it turns out to be extremely serious. Erica calls Oliver and Oliver reaches her side ASAP.Bunny is under consultation and in the waiting room Oliver thanks Erica for calling him and confesses he felt terrible about the fact that someone else would bring up his son. Erica's surprised denial takes him back and his vulnerability makes Erica lose her fear and awe for him and she kisses him and he kisses her back.

Erica then explains that Colin was seeing her friend and Oliver explains that from the day Erica left he was searching for her and her alone and he loved her. The day Erica saw him, he had come to meet Colin but his ex had insisted upon him accompanying her.Anyhow in the end everything turns alright with the doctor calling and giving them the excellent news that the operation was a success and that bunny was recovering.

The End

I used to day dream about this novel. I used to think it is perfect for a bollywood movie.I had even picked up the main charaters. Monish Behl as Oliver and Juhi Chawla as erica...and Tanaaz Currim as her friend.....hmmmmmm will still like to see this as a movie....Has everything a movie should have.

Its good book. Very nicely written and something which will always be a remainder that not all romance novels are trash....

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Just move forward

Sometimes we have no idea why somethings happen. we have no idea how our life will turn out to be. Whether  our future will be good or not. Sometimes we don't know why somethings happen.What would one do then???

I guess Just move forward with faith. Just move forward....

Prayers for my friend.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Lady 'street Tailor'

Today while going to office I saw this lady tailor with a sewing machine in the side of the road near the Gate of our housing colony. Two day s ago I saw a man setting up a machine for her. When we passed her today she was cleaning her machine. The reason I am talking about her is that she is the first lady street tailor I have seen in Chennai or in Gurgaon. Maybe she has a progressive husband. But then, Maybe she won’t see any of the money she makes. Still, I appreciate her and her hubby. When I still see educated middle class men who think women are better of in the house minding the children or cooking , who think women are not capable of anything else…..yes this couple makes me feel proud.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Life Lessons – Failure….or is it???

Dedicated to my brother Madhavan,
He is not my blood but through him God showed me, family tie need not be of blood alone.

(This paragraph is added on 1712/2011: I am linking this post to the writing prompt from Marcy's 'Scene from a memoir I haven't written yet'.Its about a time when something  did not exactly turn out the way i planned it too. And ... GATE is an exam Indian Technical students have to pass to be able to do their Masters in their respective fields.Indian Institute of Technology ( IIT ) are the most prestigious group of colleges here.)

I will never forget the day my second GATE results came out.I had got 96 percentile, the same as the year before. You might congratulate me, the way many did that day but it was not good enough for me.I wanted to do structural engineering and that too from the prestigious IIT’s of my country but for that I needed atleast 98 percentile and that too just to get a call for interview.I had tried the Year before but I had got only 96 percentile.So I decide to try again in 2007.I opted to work while preparing for GATE2007.Everyone said that if I went to work then I would not be able to concentrate on my preparation.Some said my interest would go and I would be happy with my Job.Some others said this was just a phase,in the end one is always satisfied with what one had.I wanted to prove them wrong.Most of all I wanted to prove that if one wanted one could try for something and get it too and try I did.Yes one thing was true. My preparation did suffer as my job was quite demanding but still I tried.I had never worked for anything in my life before.I had never any dreams before and even if I had dreams, I have never worked to attain them. This was to be my first time.

I still remember that day. I was in the office when the results came out.I was heartbroken and I cried and cried and cried.Everyone who did not notice anything congratulated me on my great score.Everyone who did notice consoled me but, even the well meaning words meant to console me were painful.To pretend to be consoled was more difficult.

Fast forward a Year. Joined a NIT for Structural Engineering. Outwardly I had nothing to complain. Wasnt I doing exactly what I wanted to do. Still, everytime an IIT would come in picture, everytime GATE scores were discussed, it would pain.

That Year my Thambi (brother) had attempted CAT. Just like me he had dreams to study in an IIM. But  he wanted to earn some money for his family first. He worked for two years, He kept trying  and then for the last time, he attempted CAT once agin. Results came and he had a high percentage BUT unfortunately not enough for an IIM.I could not talk to him the whole day and at night we called. We talked about the percentage, the options in front of him and then we talked about many more things.

At the end of the conversation , when we were going to keep the phone he asked me,
“Why did you not congratulate me?” and I replied “  how can I congratulate you  when I know you have failed”. I don’t  remember the exact words of what we talked after that but there was this perfect understanding between us. He did not have to pretend to me. That day, I think I might have been the only one who completely understood what he was going through. Maybe even his best friend could not boast of it. I don’t know.

And the moment I realized that I understood him , I knew why I had got 96 percentile the last Year.
If I had not got that 96, I would not have understood that feeling. Then I would have congratulated him.If not I would have consoled him. I would have pained him in one way or the other. That day I learnt a valuable lesson. A lesson to value other’s success and failures by their standards only and not mine. A lesson that sometimes just listening is the best way to console  and a lesson that everything happens for a reason. Somehow from that day on, I have never regretted that 96 percentile.I have not had that feeling of failure. The lesson that everything happens for a reason  made stronger with another similar incident is now one of my mottos and it gives me the strength.