Sunday, May 22, 2011

Another Weekend Gone

Feeling tired and desprited today.The house magically has become messy again. How does this thing happen??????? I keep wondering.I am really really proud to be a women. We women are tough.Men wont last  a week with the schedules we keep....hmmmmm still they prefer boy children in some places. Glad my parents were not one of them.

It rained yesterday and today. The wind was icy cold.I am confused.Is it still summer or has the rainy season began. The funny thing is we had set up the ac yesterday and guess what?????,  the climate has become so good we barely need to use it.

We went to see Pirates of Carribean -On stranger Tides today.We always prefer the 2 D version .It was good. Maybe not as good as the other three but ok. The scenic beauty was quite less , atleast i felt so.I also felt that Penelope Cruise did not belong there .Salma Hayek would have been so good . Story line was ok.Movie was ok but i could have seen it at home as well.


  1. thanks..i think i will watch it at home :).. you should watch rio.. i am sure you will love it..

  2. Ya, heard of it.Waiting for a good print :)


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