Sunday, May 29, 2011

Buddha by Osamu Tezuka

In case you are wondering where you have herd the name Osamu Tezuka he i the creator of Astroboy.In case you are wondering who this Astroboy is, well I dont think this post is for you.My husband discovered this book in "Om book house". It consists of about 8 Volumes of the life of Buddha.I was always interested in the Buddha and my hubby was always interested in mangai and so wanted to buy this book for us.Reading the first volume I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was not the story of buddha alone but every one in his life. I finished the first one -"Kapilavastu" and was eager to read the second which my hubby brought from flipkart.I read "The Four Encounters" which is the second volume and i am eagerly waiting for the other books to arrive, this time brougth from India plaza.

The wonderful thing about this book is the way it is written. It's Comical with contemperory language and jokes.The way the drawings have been presented.The matter of fact way the story has been narrated with each character having his or her own importance all adds to the charm of the graphic novel.Another thing I liked was the healthy attitude  of showing the half nude women folk. I guess it was so in that period of time.

For people who love reading comics I reccomend this book. For people who are prudish enough to consider themselves above mangai /Graphic novels.....Well you dontknow what you are missing.

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