Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Except my Love by Mary Burchell

*Spoiler Alert - Contains the whole story in one page.

"Except my love " was one of the first romance novels  that i had ever read and i loved it. its the story of a unassuming girl who falls head over heels for her serious boss Oliver.Under some unexpected circumstance Oliver proposes to her and says he will give her everything except his love.Erica accepts his conditions but she soon realises that she wants exactly what he wouldnt give to her. And to complicate matters in comes  the Glamorous, talented ,concert pianist ex girl friend of Oliver on the day of wedding.One thing leads to another in the following days and erica not telling oliver that his ex had tried to contact him before marraige proves to be disastrous to their marraige and ultimately not able to take his cold attitude towards her, Erica leaves him and goes away to some other place where her best friend accompanies her.

While on an interview for a job as a secretary for a doctor she comes to know that she is expecting and later on her son is born who so much resembles Oliver.

One year passes and one day Erica sees Oliver's best friend's concert news in a paper and decides to go to listen to him for old times sake. There she sees Oliver with his ex and becomes even more disheartened.At that time Colin -Olivers friend sees her and accompanies her home when he finds out  that Erica now has a son. He asks Erica to tell Oliver but she becomes so distressed that he does not make any reference to it anymore.

Colin starts frequenting her home and Erica does not mind because she realizes that Colin has feelings for Erica's friend.Once Erica accompanies Colin to a party where she runs into Oliver.They exchange words and Oliver is bent on finding out more about her but she doesn't yeild. Later after somedays Oliver does find out where she lives and she invites him inside where he discovers that they have a son.

He reproaches her on her hiding this from him but when she says she feared that Oliver would separate her from her child he promises her that that would never happen. He also finds out that Colin knew about Oliver Junior/Bunny and jumps into the conclusion that Erica has found happiness with Colin. Wanting to do the one good thing for Erica , he promises to send the divorce papers to her and she says yes thinking he is still in love with his ex

Now comes the climatic twist

Bunny falls sick and it turns out to be extremely serious. Erica calls Oliver and Oliver reaches her side ASAP.Bunny is under consultation and in the waiting room Oliver thanks Erica for calling him and confesses he felt terrible about the fact that someone else would bring up his son. Erica's surprised denial takes him back and his vulnerability makes Erica lose her fear and awe for him and she kisses him and he kisses her back.

Erica then explains that Colin was seeing her friend and Oliver explains that from the day Erica left he was searching for her and her alone and he loved her. The day Erica saw him, he had come to meet Colin but his ex had insisted upon him accompanying her.Anyhow in the end everything turns alright with the doctor calling and giving them the excellent news that the operation was a success and that bunny was recovering.

The End

I used to day dream about this novel. I used to think it is perfect for a bollywood movie.I had even picked up the main charaters. Monish Behl as Oliver and Juhi Chawla as erica...and Tanaaz Currim as her friend.....hmmmmmm will still like to see this as a movie....Has everything a movie should have.

Its good book. Very nicely written and something which will always be a remainder that not all romance novels are trash....

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