Saturday, May 21, 2011

Its raining Hailstones

It rained Hail stones today. I was so excited. This is the first time i have seen hailstones. I have always wanted to see them. From the very first day, when my eldest sister told me that once she collected hailstones from the ground and kept them in the fridge.This ice things that falls form the sky . I was barely 4.ICE.... that too falling from the sky, how magical it could be. This is one of the easrliest memories.I am standing in front of our bangalore house door. Fathima is behind me with her hands on my chest.i am maybe only until her waist at that time.Father is standing on my left. I am eagerly looking out for hailstones.I am always extremly happy in memories.

 Now almost 24 years later I saw them. I wanted to collect them too and put the into a bottle and keep them in a fridge. It was so beautiful. Some how i always imagined hailstones to be know stones, but these were so pretty. so soft ( but i made sure i was not under the open sky when they were falling)...size of a bean. I could not collect them because by the time the rain stopped all the stones had melted..... Another of my childhood wishes fulfilled.It WAS Magical.

Hey if it rains hailstones, does it mean summer is officially over. I thought agni nakshatram was yet to come.

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