Thursday, May 19, 2011

Summer in Gurgaon

Summer has started showing his true colors and we are finding it really difficult to live without an ac.How the times have changed. Things which used to be a  luxury is slowly turning into a necessity.Mother says now a days every house in our native place, has an ac and believe me thats something to say.

Boiling water is coming through the pipes.But our underground tanks have come to our rescue. The same underground tanks which till now were a bane of our lives. Coming from a place where water supply is 24 x 7 ,the concept of water coming only an hour a day is a little hard for me to digest.We have to put the motor on and pump in to the over head tank.If by chance we forget to off the motor, the water goes waste.Sometimes there is an additional head ache of having to go down stairs and clear the air lock in the motor.(remembered our fluid mechanics lab rt now)

But now the same thing has come to save us from the heat. Evenings and mornings, just before we take shower ,we switch on the motor. Though the water from the OHT is hot , the water from the underground tank is still deliciously cool. And it feels so good after that.Weird ..sometimes the very thing which is a problem helps us in some way.

Anyhow my fly lady routine of 2 min a day on a hot spot, is working like a charm. The other bedroom has become visibly clean now. In a day or two....the hidden things may be arranged too. Anyhow its a wonderful feeling. 

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