Sunday, May 15, 2011

Scared to fight for Justice

Some days ago our maid told us about an incident that happened in her place. It seems a girl , around 14 who was quite beautiful was abducted from her own home while she was sleeping with her parents in the night and then people had found her beaten and bruised( i didnot want to know more) .The girl was then carried to the hospital. It turned out that she had spoken back rudely to a couple of guys in her own neighborhood who used to pass sleazy comments to her.The police did catch those guys but today our maid came with the news that the guys were out of the police station.I asked her how the girl was now and my maid replied "she is alive...... as yet".What will be the condition of her parents and herself now that the guys are out, god only knows.

What kind of a world are we living in?cant a girl , a small girl walk in the road safetly.She cant defend herself from road side mawwalli's? She is not safe even in her parents home? The police left the guys because apparently they were studying in college?And the college still have them???? I don't even know what to say about that.The world is getting scarier day by day.We normal middle class people wont do anything because we are scared too. Why is this happening? why do boys think they can do anything to girls and get away?.Are women nothing but things for them?True Education has to start at home.

Dont tell boys they can sit around in the house simply while their sister does the chores.Let not the mother cook clean and work alone,Let the father help.Lets not tell out that "you are girls you cannot do this" or "You are not a boy so you cant do that".I agree physically we are much weaker than the boys but thats the only weakness a women has.The rest is man made.


  1. physical strenght does not matter.. the fact is women are designed to be stronger than men to bear physical and mental pain.. so that they can bear the pain of child birth.. how much ever we women rant about the injustice of gender discrimination..nothing seems to change.. this is one matter which boils my heart whenever it comes up and in the end i have to shut myself up becoz whatever i tell nothing changes when the sun rises the next day.


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