Friday, May 27, 2011

Show time

Finished seeing "The kings speech" today. Colin Firth never ever dissappoints me. I loved the movie. Loved the theme.Loved everything about it.Rightnow seeing another movie "True Grit".Seems promising as of now.Today The carpentry guy came today.Everything happened well.

My weekly missions are going well.As it is just 5 days missions, I am able to keep to it.My first week was the 2 min in the other bedroom.The second was no sweets with the afternoon lunch.Next week i intend to spend 5 min per day in our master bedroom.We rarely use any place of our house apart from our bedroom and kitchen. I sometimes wonder why we have a 2 BHK.

Lots of wonderful movies are coming this week. Want to see Kung Fu Panda -2.My maam told me about a movie .I dont remember the name...some ones dabba. Then the boys want to see Hangover -2.A friend highly recommended "Pyar ka Panchnama"Infact he said hubby should not go with me....AS IF...

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