Monday, May 16, 2011

Trying to be a flybaby

Yesterday night i decided to make a to do list for today.Religiously i wrote my schedule, a small one. One of them was spending two minutes in a hotspot.I like fly lady very much.Though i have never been able to follow her routines i try to take inspiration from her to bring me a little of that true peace. Our house is not that filled with clutter but still there are some areas which i need to clean up especially the other bedroom that we now use  to keep all things not required by us in a hourly or daily basis.This week i have decided to use that 2 minutes to arrange the things in that room.lets see what happens.

Oh today bought my lucky bamboo. have been wanting to get one for so many days. This is my third one. the first one dried off when i had to come to gurgaon for my job.i was never committed to the second one.But this one is going to be special , i know it.its so beautiful and green.I saw another plant there.It looked like a bonsai.but its a bit costly around 800/-Frankly speaking i wouldn't mind spending 800 on that but i don't have that much money in my kitty .Haha this is funny. I earn quite a decent salary every month but I prefer this pocket money that my hubby gives me sometimes.Normally we ask each others opinion on every paisa we spend and the other can always veto something, but we have an agreement. I can even burn the money in this kitty and he wont say a word.Its special. 


  1. sweet :)..the fun in spending the money given by the husband cannot be replaced by anything..

  2. Sooooooooo true magneta, soo true


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