Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Journey

Sometimes I feel I am walking on a Road.One of those nature built roads.Its dusty yet my feet are clean.There are no parallel roads yet I know I am not lost.I know where my path leads though I don't know how long it will take me to get there.Sometimes the Road becomes beautiful with trees and shade and soft grass to walk upon.But sometimes it has stones.

Sometimes other roads merges with mine and we walk together for sometime.Sometimes the companions are good and we have a wonderful time and sometimes they are not and we walk with each other silently.But one thing is sure... after sometime their road diverges from mine and we bid goodbye.

Sometimes an old friend's path crosses more than once and we joyfully meet but only for the period his road crosses mine.We are always in motion and never a moment still.(Yet the images in my mind are photographic)

Rt now at this point I am walking with my companion and we are having a wonderful time.But for how long???....I know not.I hope he will be there till the end of my path.

There are many whose path have diverged from mine and I hope I meet them sometime again .Yet there is no sadness, There is no loneliness, There is no regret ....There is only the Path and the End.The light to which I am drawn ...slowly and slowly.... like a moth to a flame...

My shortest story ever....

After bidding goodbye to her daughter on her honeymoon, the mother found a leaf with a cocoon shell on her doorstep.

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Railway Children - Edith Nesbit

The Railway children is the story of three siblings Roberta, Peter and Phyllis who are ripped off from their affluent homes to another near the Railways because their father is wrongly convicted of  a crime he did not commit though the children are not aware of where their father is.They only know that their father is not at home and now they have to stay away from him and have to "play poor".

Its all written in the perceptive of the children.The experiences of the children seen through their eyes makes reading the book so much of a pleasure.

I sometimes wonder at the memory of the Author.How well she must remember her own childhood that she has so beautifully potrayed it through the three children.How well she reminds us of how we used to be.

The Green Dragon coming out of its Lair (train coming out of the tunnel), The old gentleman waving from the train , the Old stationmaster who shows them so much of the railways,Perks the porter and his family...Why....... Every single character makes us wish we had someone like them.A colorful story Painted with colorful strokes.

If this  wont remind you of your childhood....Nothing will.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Yes to Evolution in Schools-Should there even be another option???

Today I came to know that some christian schools were opposed to teaching the theory of evolution in schools.I was shocked. I was under the impression that only Muslim fundamentalists had such an issue But to know that this is an issue in America too....It sure did  blow me away. I was even more shocked to know that they are teaching Creationism in schools.What the heck is religion doing in education???. I understand learning about different religions and their concepts but to teach them to children is too much.I was under the impression that that's why people went to Sunday schools.Scary...

I am of the view that everyone has the right to believe in whatever they want.But anything and everything that is taught in schools is based on logic and research.It is mandatory for the children to be presented with theories backed by facts not by theories backed by beliefs.

I wonder.... do the parents who prefer children learning Creationism to Evolution wait for God to treat their sick kids or do they go to a doctor?

They would go to a Doctor(though i have heard of people who did not)
I guess they would say God treats their kids through the hands of a doctor. All the machinery that is used to treat their kids are made by humans but inspired by god.

If so, why cant they think that Evolution was a process initiated by god too.Maybe god created the big bang and then decided to let nature takes its course. Baam...... Then both the people can be happy.Evolution makes sense but we are not undermining the importance of god too. are we?????

The first time I really thought about this subject I had formulated a theory of my own in which I tried to explain evolution with respect to Religion.Rt now I am too lazy to type it .

But still in the end I believe that, Religion SHOULD stay out of schools.If they are allowed to come in ,the Black ages will not be that fair ahead.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

And so the preparations begin

And so the dreams (of my DH) of seeing America with the family is on its way to fulfillment(IGW). We had our Visa interview today.The US embassy was quite good. I wonder why they were demonized this much.Ya, some people were disappointed but then that's a part of life i guess.Well it can also be because we got the visa that we feel as if it was quite good. They had an area for keeping the cell phones and other stuff which i really thought to be sensible.I mean people who come alone or come from a long distance may need other stuff also.And everyone were quite helpful.

So anyhow uncle has sent us the itinary and we hope it will be a memorable trip(in a good way ofcourse).Lets see how it goes.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

What's in a name!!!

My name had always had an impact in my life.From when I had to spell my name to friends and teachers, it was a problem for me.

M.Rahmathunnisa.Spelling would always be wrong.From  1st to 4 th standard , I remember having a sinking feeling in my heart regarding  my name.When I was 5 years old I used to think that such a big name (old fashioned)is OK for a small girl like me .But what will happen when I go to 2nd standard(Even one year used to be soooooooooooooooooooooo big).

Every school year beginning I would pray for some miracle to happen so that I could have a stylish and modern name like many of my classmates did.

By the time I reached the fifth standard, I had made my peace with my name and decided to shorten it to Rahmath while introducing myself.You might wonder why I never did that before.Well my father was someone who hated nicknames.He used to detest reducing beautiful and meaningful names to mere sounds.

Well, it took ten years for me to realise that Rahmath in itself was a full name.My father understanding that it was indeed a big trial for a small child,he gave me a green signal to call myself Rahmath.Thus I made my peace with my name.

Once that happened, I actually began to have fun.When I was 11 we had moved to our new house and i started in a new school.Whats your name? The class teachers would ask to enter in their attendance sheet.I would stand up and with an extremely patient face say "M Rahmathunnisa teacher"Friends would giggle and teachers would be confused.

"Now how to you spell that ??? R....e?"

The all knowing teachers not knowing a spelling??? More giggles (Studied in a all girls school)

I would spell.....Rah.....math....unn....isa...almost like a tune..Sometimes more than once.

A friendly teacher would pass a comment.Others would ask.."hmmmm what do your parents call you?is there any short form????"

"Rahmath" I would say and they give a sign of relief.This was a little difficult too but at least it was smaller.

And this charade would be repeated in every new class for every new introduction the first few days ....

Rahmath is quite well known name in primary schools.Not because of me ofcourse.We used to have a story in our text books`named "The kabuliwala" ,a short story by Rabindranath Tagore.The main character's name who was a trader is Rahmath.Is not Rahmath a boys name? Friends would ask. I would shrug and reply"short for my name."

One of my best friends used to study in another school. She used to talk of our games and exploits to her friends in school and they would listen in awe.She never thought of it much until a friend asked."Do your parents allow you to mingle with a boy so freely?"(conservative society....that it is)
.It took her a minute or two to understand what they were talking about and then she laughed out right.It was fun.It was a fun name after all...

It was not until my early 20s that I began to appreciate my name.I used to think my name meant that i was girl of mercy.Father used to tell me my name meant so and I was meant to be so.But then someone told me that my name meant the lady on whom God was most merciful upon.I had fallen into many troubles and I had always come out of it unblemished.And my name began to be a fact i clinged to.Whatever troubles I encountered, I began to be positive.I began to feel my name was extremely befitting me.I was indeed blessed by god .My positive attitude grew and with that my blessings too.

Maybe it was myself who brought about the change.Maybe my name had nothing to do with it.But now the quote "Nothing sounds sweeter to one than the sound of his name" makes sense to me.So when I name my children I will surely think about it a lot."What's in a name?", Shakesphere may say but hey, I don't want to take any chances :)

Random thoughts

I used to have these random thoughts which i had to write down somewhere.I used to copy them every year into my newest diary.Its such a bother, Better to write it down here....

Words from Diary 2009,2010

1.Words of wisdom arise in every mind,but mosthave such a low opinion of themselves,that they fail to aknowledge the greatness int hem,thinking it cannot be of much worth as it was they who ahve thought of it.If only they knew....If only they knew...

2.When no time is the right time, the right time is anytime.

3.A Man feels most happy, when he is in a place where is feels he is most useful.

4.Some people are blind as they cannot see.Some people are blind as they wont see.

5.God himself doesnot expect human's to be like God.Then why do humans expect so?

6.We always seem to use religion to help us admolish or accuse someone.How many times do we use it to accept someone or someone's deed?How often do we use it to blame ourselves???
Very Rarely...

7.Its easier to argue to a wise person than an ignorant person.

8.Some pray to get inner peace.I pray to get outer peace.

9.We lose respect for someone when they make us do something which we know to be wrong.

10.If you want to belong to every group ,you cannot belong to any group.Its lonely at times but totally worth it other times...

Friday, June 10, 2011

On Family Pride

Sometimes I wonder... what use is family pride, if it causes a family to break.How can there be any pride in  breaking a family ?What use is a family which is together in front of society but shattered in the inside?When will they understand? Individuals make  family.Families make Society....Its not the other way around.When will people understand that?There would be No religion, No caste, No community without family.And yet they destroy it all for the so called Family Pride

Thursday, June 9, 2011

My idea of an Utopian Faith

Warning : Not intended for people who take religion or 'out of the box' thoughts too seriously

One afternoon, when we were having lunch, the topic strayed to mixed marriages. marriages between people belonging to different communities , castes,places,races and religion. The topic was mainly about inter caste/religion  marriages and whether they work or not and what would be the potential problems that the couple would have to face.

Being a person who preferred a mixed marriage, I have first hand knowledge on the type of questions one would be asked.

1. Which religion will you both follow?
2. How will you each keep you faith intact?
3. Its not possible to live in society which is so judgemental.How will you do it?
4.What will be the child's religion when he/she is born?

Now, though all questions are important, my intention is not to answer any of them.This post is to merely explore the idea which entered my head while wondering about the first question.

Which religion will the couple follow once they get married????

hmmmmm. If the girl follows the guy's religion as per normal status quo, the girl will have to sacrifice her ideals and take a new one.So also for the guy.In short one or the other have to give up a part of life while the other will be allowed to have.Now this will breed resentment after sometime.So preferably we should avoid it.

Then what can one do?

Let both find another religion.

But then which religion should one follow.???All religions have their own positives and negatives.And the negatives in every religion are almost the same i feel sometimes.So how about a new faith.

A faith whose followers are known as "BLESSED"

Now almost every religion have a initiation process. Christians have Baptism, Muslims have the kalima shahadat and Hindus...well they have been around for so long i don't think anyone even remembers what it is,anyhow i think the arya samaj people do have something.So what should be the initiation process for this new faith.


Keep your Hand on your heart and solemnly say with a smile(smile extremely important)."I am Blessed and I believe in the following Commandments."

What are the commandments????? Well Read on....

1.I will not harm anyone physically or emotionally especially those who are totally unrelated to me and whose existence I have no original knowledge of.

Reasoning:First i didn't add the second part of the commandment.but then i thought,it is not possible for any knidered spirit to not hurt their loved ones at some point of life.The expectations are more, the demands that can simply not be met may come and hence maybe, it is not possible to not hurt anybody.Then i wondered...Who do we normally consider the worst people in the world???

The Answer ..... Terrorists

Why?     .....  Because they take the life of innocent people.They don't even know these people.They use people for their own cause .They don't know the value of  Life.And if one does not know the value of life how can one be alive, let alone be blessed.

Hence the second part, "especially those who are totally unrelated to me and whose existence I have no original knowledge of."

2.I am not Superior or inferior to anyone in this world or other.

Reasoning:Superiority complex affects the world in a macro level where as inferiority complex affects it in a micro level.I am yet to hear a war which was not waged to prove one's superiority.Similarly the inferiority complex destroys relationships in the micro level.

3. I will not believe that god will want me to kill, hate ,or stifle anyone...In short ... I will not believe anything of god  which I won't do myself.

Reasoning: Sometimes I can't understand how people think god will want them to think other people are lesser than them just because, they happened to be born in a particular religion.How can people believe that god would order one group to cleanse the other group, however well meaning the way would be??????

These are the first three commandments.More May be added in future:)

And Finally, the clear cut method to leave this faith .(I have seen no faith has a way out)  

Just keep your palm over your heart and say "I am not blessed anymore".Smile still extremely important  .

Marriage  as per civil laws int he country you are a citizen of.Patriotism means obeying and recognizing the laws of the  country you know.The rest i have not thought about. Will write when something comes in the mind.

Have to stop blogging rt now.......

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I don't understand why people need to make big resolutions and then break them. I say, make small small resolutions and keep them. Atleast the habit of doing something will be established and  then if required increase the target.Recently started the resolution for June.To walk around the park180 times this month.5.5 rounds make a kilometer.Its small but still need to be consistent to finish it.rt now there is more 163 rounds to go.Lets see.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

My List of 10 Novels A Girl Should Read

Who doesn’t love the smell of new books and old? The first thing I do when I get a book is open it and take in a whiff of that smell. Intoxicating. It s like your connection to the book is established when you do that.

When I go to the book stores and find children in front of their section trying to find a good book, I just yearn to give them a helping hand. Sometimes I see parents ponder in the long row of books as to what their children might or might not like.

You can identify the beginners from the seasoned readers among the children. The old timers know what book they want or which author’s work they wish to read. They don’t choose a book based on how colorful the outer cover looks. Their uncertainty ranges within two or three books rather than 10 or 20 of them.

Sometime I just want to take a book and say, "Hi, why don’t you try this book?” But I normally hold back that feeling of mine. To discover a book on your own is a beautiful feeling. It’s almost like finding a treasure, is it not?

So I give vent to this urge through this online portal. That girls and boys think and feel differently, is a known fact. Having only sisters I don’t know what kind of books boys like .So, I normally suggest books for girls alone. Once overhearing a tête-à-tête between a father and daughter over a book, I realized that children now grew up faster than we did and many of them regard classics as dull and outdated. Even so I present
My list of

10 Novels for a Girl to Read Before she is 15  (Even after that actually)

(If a part of series, I intend to give only the first book, because I am assuming that if the child likes the book she will dig out the others on her own)

1          The Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett.

2          The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett.

3          Heidi by Johanna Spyri.

4          The Railway Children. by Edith Nesbit.

5          The Family at Red roofs by Enid Blyton.

6          What Katy Did by Susan Coolidge.

7          Little Women by Louisa May Alcott.

8          Eight Cousins by Louisa May Alcott.

9         A Girl of LimberLost by Gene Stratton - Porter.

10       A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith.     

Hope someone benefits from this list.