Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Journey

Sometimes I feel I am walking on a Road.One of those nature built roads.Its dusty yet my feet are clean.There are no parallel roads yet I know I am not lost.I know where my path leads though I don't know how long it will take me to get there.Sometimes the Road becomes beautiful with trees and shade and soft grass to walk upon.But sometimes it has stones.

Sometimes other roads merges with mine and we walk together for sometime.Sometimes the companions are good and we have a wonderful time and sometimes they are not and we walk with each other silently.But one thing is sure... after sometime their road diverges from mine and we bid goodbye.

Sometimes an old friend's path crosses more than once and we joyfully meet but only for the period his road crosses mine.We are always in motion and never a moment still.(Yet the images in my mind are photographic)

Rt now at this point I am walking with my companion and we are having a wonderful time.But for how long???....I know not.I hope he will be there till the end of my path.

There are many whose path have diverged from mine and I hope I meet them sometime again .Yet there is no sadness, There is no loneliness, There is no regret ....There is only the Path and the End.The light to which I am drawn ...slowly and slowly.... like a moth to a flame...


  1. Hi Rahi....

    Happy anniversary.. Many more happy returns of the day.. Lu and prayers.. I dedicate the following blog for you although you may not be able to read it..hihi..Have a great time..By the way, I like your blog and your writing..


  2. I meant that post instead of blog..

  3. That's an Interesting way of conveying the ideas...

  4. Nicely written. I have felt that each one of us are alone in a path and people come and go. But no one can can help or be with us apart from ourselves.

  5. I guess not for a long time. But can't say anything about not getting help. Got lots :)


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