Thursday, June 9, 2011

My idea of an Utopian Faith

Warning : Not intended for people who take religion or 'out of the box' thoughts too seriously

One afternoon, when we were having lunch, the topic strayed to mixed marriages. marriages between people belonging to different communities , castes,places,races and religion. The topic was mainly about inter caste/religion  marriages and whether they work or not and what would be the potential problems that the couple would have to face.

Being a person who preferred a mixed marriage, I have first hand knowledge on the type of questions one would be asked.

1. Which religion will you both follow?
2. How will you each keep you faith intact?
3. Its not possible to live in society which is so judgemental.How will you do it?
4.What will be the child's religion when he/she is born?

Now, though all questions are important, my intention is not to answer any of them.This post is to merely explore the idea which entered my head while wondering about the first question.

Which religion will the couple follow once they get married????

hmmmmm. If the girl follows the guy's religion as per normal status quo, the girl will have to sacrifice her ideals and take a new one.So also for the guy.In short one or the other have to give up a part of life while the other will be allowed to have.Now this will breed resentment after sometime.So preferably we should avoid it.

Then what can one do?

Let both find another religion.

But then which religion should one follow.???All religions have their own positives and negatives.And the negatives in every religion are almost the same i feel sometimes.So how about a new faith.

A faith whose followers are known as "BLESSED"

Now almost every religion have a initiation process. Christians have Baptism, Muslims have the kalima shahadat and Hindus...well they have been around for so long i don't think anyone even remembers what it is,anyhow i think the arya samaj people do have something.So what should be the initiation process for this new faith.


Keep your Hand on your heart and solemnly say with a smile(smile extremely important)."I am Blessed and I believe in the following Commandments."

What are the commandments????? Well Read on....

1.I will not harm anyone physically or emotionally especially those who are totally unrelated to me and whose existence I have no original knowledge of.

Reasoning:First i didn't add the second part of the commandment.but then i thought,it is not possible for any knidered spirit to not hurt their loved ones at some point of life.The expectations are more, the demands that can simply not be met may come and hence maybe, it is not possible to not hurt anybody.Then i wondered...Who do we normally consider the worst people in the world???

The Answer ..... Terrorists

Why?     .....  Because they take the life of innocent people.They don't even know these people.They use people for their own cause .They don't know the value of  Life.And if one does not know the value of life how can one be alive, let alone be blessed.

Hence the second part, "especially those who are totally unrelated to me and whose existence I have no original knowledge of."

2.I am not Superior or inferior to anyone in this world or other.

Reasoning:Superiority complex affects the world in a macro level where as inferiority complex affects it in a micro level.I am yet to hear a war which was not waged to prove one's superiority.Similarly the inferiority complex destroys relationships in the micro level.

3. I will not believe that god will want me to kill, hate ,or stifle anyone...In short ... I will not believe anything of god  which I won't do myself.

Reasoning: Sometimes I can't understand how people think god will want them to think other people are lesser than them just because, they happened to be born in a particular religion.How can people believe that god would order one group to cleanse the other group, however well meaning the way would be??????

These are the first three commandments.More May be added in future:)

And Finally, the clear cut method to leave this faith .(I have seen no faith has a way out)  

Just keep your palm over your heart and say "I am not blessed anymore".Smile still extremely important  .

Marriage  as per civil laws int he country you are a citizen of.Patriotism means obeying and recognizing the laws of the  country you know.The rest i have not thought about. Will write when something comes in the mind.

Have to stop blogging rt now.......

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  1. Wow!!! What an idea!!!!! Blessed... I like this new religion, for sure!


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