Sunday, June 12, 2011

Random thoughts

I used to have these random thoughts which i had to write down somewhere.I used to copy them every year into my newest diary.Its such a bother, Better to write it down here....

Words from Diary 2009,2010

1.Words of wisdom arise in every mind,but mosthave such a low opinion of themselves,that they fail to aknowledge the greatness int hem,thinking it cannot be of much worth as it was they who ahve thought of it.If only they knew....If only they knew...

2.When no time is the right time, the right time is anytime.

3.A Man feels most happy, when he is in a place where is feels he is most useful.

4.Some people are blind as they cannot see.Some people are blind as they wont see.

5.God himself doesnot expect human's to be like God.Then why do humans expect so?

6.We always seem to use religion to help us admolish or accuse someone.How many times do we use it to accept someone or someone's deed?How often do we use it to blame ourselves???
Very Rarely...

7.Its easier to argue to a wise person than an ignorant person.

8.Some pray to get inner peace.I pray to get outer peace.

9.We lose respect for someone when they make us do something which we know to be wrong.

10.If you want to belong to every group ,you cannot belong to any group.Its lonely at times but totally worth it other times...

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