Sunday, June 26, 2011

Yes to Evolution in Schools-Should there even be another option???

Today I came to know that some christian schools were opposed to teaching the theory of evolution in schools.I was shocked. I was under the impression that only Muslim fundamentalists had such an issue But to know that this is an issue in America too....It sure did  blow me away. I was even more shocked to know that they are teaching Creationism in schools.What the heck is religion doing in education???. I understand learning about different religions and their concepts but to teach them to children is too much.I was under the impression that that's why people went to Sunday schools.Scary...

I am of the view that everyone has the right to believe in whatever they want.But anything and everything that is taught in schools is based on logic and research.It is mandatory for the children to be presented with theories backed by facts not by theories backed by beliefs.

I wonder.... do the parents who prefer children learning Creationism to Evolution wait for God to treat their sick kids or do they go to a doctor?

They would go to a Doctor(though i have heard of people who did not)
I guess they would say God treats their kids through the hands of a doctor. All the machinery that is used to treat their kids are made by humans but inspired by god.

If so, why cant they think that Evolution was a process initiated by god too.Maybe god created the big bang and then decided to let nature takes its course. Baam...... Then both the people can be happy.Evolution makes sense but we are not undermining the importance of god too. are we?????

The first time I really thought about this subject I had formulated a theory of my own in which I tried to explain evolution with respect to Religion.Rt now I am too lazy to type it .

But still in the end I believe that, Religion SHOULD stay out of schools.If they are allowed to come in ,the Black ages will not be that fair ahead.

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