Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Wonders of the aluminum foil.

Do have ginger pieces all dried up in your fridge???? well I have found out a good way to keep them fresh as the day yo u bought them for a longer time. Wrap them in aluminium foil and keep them in the fridge. Its amazing how fresh the ginger remains.I am going to try the same with curry leaves. Till now they stay the same only for a week or two. Lets see how long they stay when covered in aluminium foil.....

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sale Season in Gurgaon

I am writing simply. I realize I am in a non-writing spell and have no idea when I will be out of it. I hope it is soon. 
There are only 12-13 days more for us before we leave for Washington D C and today i decided i should at least start planning about packing and all because god knows when work load in office will be more. So today afternoon I and my husband left for the malls in Gurgaon for a wee bit of shopping.

We reached MGF mall and found that sales were on most of the shops in most of the malls. God!!!! .the malls were full. The parking lot was full and we did not get parking space for our bike. We had to go to DT mall and park there. We entered Lifestyle but both I and my hubby hate CHOAS and let me tell you it was so much chaotic. RUSH. Long queues for trial rooms that I and my hubby decided to go to MGF and at least have our food but what do you know... it was jam packed as well .

Atlas we went to Yo China! In MGF mall but we were so tired (and we had just arrived) we could not even enjoy our lunch. (Is it me or Yo china food is not up to the standard we thought it to be anymore!!!).The only thing we wanted was to return home which we did.
 Learned a valuable lesson today.
 Go to malls only in weekdays. If it is possible to go in the mornings i think it would be better ESPECIALLY when sale is going on. Somehow i am never able to shop when a sale is going on. I get mighty confused. How i love the shops in Trivandrum where there are specific shops for specific things and the price range is the same every time of the year ( i.e. they are not overpriced and then brought down to their original price by giving 50% discount during the sale time. No wonder people wait for the SALE time. Obviously it’s the time they get stuff for the original price :))

Anyhow decided to do whatever shopping there is to do in the weekdays. Go with the flow my darling hubby says.....

Monday, July 18, 2011

The choice

I feel like a fisherman with one line and 10 bites with fishes in every one of them and fishes going in different directions. I know there are fishes but which line should i hold and which should i let go?I feel the same for some days now. ...

Friday, July 8, 2011

Rat .....taaaa??????

Last week I and hubby found that we had a guest in the house.Infact that day , we found we had two guests.The first one was a rat. Now Cockroaches I can deal with,Lakshman rekha does eliminate them. Lizard ..I do think they are yuck, but have tried different unsuccessful methods now and I have learnt to live with them. But I cannot tolerate rats.I love the movie rattatouille. I think rats are cute in their own little way but still, I draw a line there.Anyhow today we decided whatever happens we have to remove it form the vicinity of the house.No killing.The Mister says we dont have a right to kill them and I agree(as of now).

Brought a trap today and kept it inside the bathroom , right next to the hole the rat comes out from..After an hour we heard terrible squelings come from the bathroom.I was amazed something so small can make so much sound.Both of our hearts raced.Never done such a thing before.When we went to see the rat, we saw that the tail had got caught in the doorway.And we saw it struggle to get it out. It tried everything,it tried to pull the spring, it tried to push back the door ,why!!!,  it even understood that the bite had some kind of lever system and started tugging it left and rt.We soon got ready and We then went out far away and released it.

God was scary.Something new we went through....I hope the rat doesnt come back( but I have a feelign it will).Becasue if it comes i dont think its going to get caught agian . Atleast not by this method.It seemed quite intelligent.

Oh the next guest????? here he is.I actually adored him.He had a squeaky noise like that of a rubber toy.Some how i always imagined them to "croak".Too many Enid Blytons in my childhood.

I don't know whether it is very clear from the photo but it was a frog.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Teddy bear on the Lake side

I wrote this a long time ago , infact almost 2 years ago,when i was working in chennai. I have been meaning to post it on my blog for a long.Today is it I guess....


Saw a unusual sight today.I saw  a cute teddy bear on a placed on a rock on the shore of a lake.I saw it when we were crossing the lake.At first I thought some child had left it there and gone to play in the water.But i saw no child,no parent anywhere nearby.So again i looked at the teddy bear.The second look saw what the first had missed.

The teddy bear was clutching a red heart

AND realization dawned...

This was no ordinary teddy bear.This was a message.This was the symbol of love shared by two hearts.Once adored...Still maybe...It was a message from the girl (cruel that the act already was), that she was to be married to someone else,that she could no longer be his.

A teddy bear on the top of a rock near a beautiful lake with a solitary tree for the whole of Chennai to see,cannot be the result of a petty quarrel.

Maybe the young man was sitting in the same bus as me.
Maybe he saw it at the same time as I.
Maybe his heart bled when I was searching for the child.
Maybe he wept for his love, as it was stripped of its pride...

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Some Problems disappear when not acknowledged.Some problems are resolved only when they are.The trick is  to know which problem belongs to which category.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

How to Organise one's earrings?

Ok, so I realised that I have a category for "organising" related posts but have rarely added anything to it.I just wanted to add everythingIi had learnt after marriage about housekeeping.Though in the broad sense organising earrings doesn't have anything to do with housework, the very act of organising has. So here I go

If at all anyone can accuse me of having any obsession to ANYthing feminine, its my collection of earrings. Though nowadays I have cut down on the numbers seriously, I still have enough to make a mess.

So HOW can you organise these tiny or long things which can make you look so beautiful???

These are the methods I tried before hitting on something which has worked wonders for me.

1. Have a huge square box and dump everything to it.
------The good thing is you can have everything in the same place but the bad thing is you have to search to that extent to get something out of it too.And if there are long earrings ,get ready for some serious untangling.And if you have stone earrings...then you are lost.

2. Bring out a little order by having a utility box with 3-4 cabinets.
------This actually worked a little fine for me for sometime.But it was not long before the tangling and getting lost within the box caught up.And I seriously began thinking of....

3. Having separate boxes for separate earrings.
----- This worked out for some time too but then now I had the additional trouble of searching for the earrings,  INSIDE the boxes.I couldn't keep track of the number of boxes I had. They were not compact and managing the boxes it self was a chore.My bed would always be strewed with earring and boxes by the time i left for office.Not only that, keeping back the earrings were just as much a chore .My earrings began to be misplaced even more than before.

4.One day after my hubby dearest said " YOUR earrings are EVERYWHERE", I  decided to try something my elder sister had invented when she was a teenager. She would hang her earrings in a cloth which she hung on two nails in her cupboard.But the problem with that was, it worked alrt for my light earrings but sagged under the weight of heavier ones.Not only that it was a bother to remove and put back the earrings with screws in the behind.So I did it and kept it in my cupboard. Even then, whenever I wanted one earring I had to disturb the whole lot because everything was inside the same cloth.

5.Now I began to wish I had a utility box with so many tiny spaces so that I could put my earrings separately, but then how many boxes will you get for different size and they should be open boxes too and flexible enough to get inside the utility box.Then it hit me ."ORIGAMI BOXES".Open Origami boxes.They can be fit into a utility box. Being the maker, I can make it in any size to accommodate any earring I want. and with one motion I can find exactly what I wanted .I made many small origami boxes and kept them inside the Utility box.Voila....worked perfectly.

Its more than two months since I tried this method and I have never had to 'organise' my earrings after that.It organised itself.After all that's what organising is all about. find the things perfect place and you wont have to bother about organising it anymore.

Final result....