Saturday, July 2, 2011

How to Organise one's earrings?

Ok, so I realised that I have a category for "organising" related posts but have rarely added anything to it.I just wanted to add everythingIi had learnt after marriage about housekeeping.Though in the broad sense organising earrings doesn't have anything to do with housework, the very act of organising has. So here I go

If at all anyone can accuse me of having any obsession to ANYthing feminine, its my collection of earrings. Though nowadays I have cut down on the numbers seriously, I still have enough to make a mess.

So HOW can you organise these tiny or long things which can make you look so beautiful???

These are the methods I tried before hitting on something which has worked wonders for me.

1. Have a huge square box and dump everything to it.
------The good thing is you can have everything in the same place but the bad thing is you have to search to that extent to get something out of it too.And if there are long earrings ,get ready for some serious untangling.And if you have stone earrings...then you are lost.

2. Bring out a little order by having a utility box with 3-4 cabinets.
------This actually worked a little fine for me for sometime.But it was not long before the tangling and getting lost within the box caught up.And I seriously began thinking of....

3. Having separate boxes for separate earrings.
----- This worked out for some time too but then now I had the additional trouble of searching for the earrings,  INSIDE the boxes.I couldn't keep track of the number of boxes I had. They were not compact and managing the boxes it self was a chore.My bed would always be strewed with earring and boxes by the time i left for office.Not only that, keeping back the earrings were just as much a chore .My earrings began to be misplaced even more than before.

4.One day after my hubby dearest said " YOUR earrings are EVERYWHERE", I  decided to try something my elder sister had invented when she was a teenager. She would hang her earrings in a cloth which she hung on two nails in her cupboard.But the problem with that was, it worked alrt for my light earrings but sagged under the weight of heavier ones.Not only that it was a bother to remove and put back the earrings with screws in the behind.So I did it and kept it in my cupboard. Even then, whenever I wanted one earring I had to disturb the whole lot because everything was inside the same cloth.

5.Now I began to wish I had a utility box with so many tiny spaces so that I could put my earrings separately, but then how many boxes will you get for different size and they should be open boxes too and flexible enough to get inside the utility box.Then it hit me ."ORIGAMI BOXES".Open Origami boxes.They can be fit into a utility box. Being the maker, I can make it in any size to accommodate any earring I want. and with one motion I can find exactly what I wanted .I made many small origami boxes and kept them inside the Utility box.Voila....worked perfectly.

Its more than two months since I tried this method and I have never had to 'organise' my earrings after that.It organised itself.After all that's what organising is all about. find the things perfect place and you wont have to bother about organising it anymore.

Final result....


  1. nice.. i am facing the same problem here!right now it is in so many different boxes of various sizes.. i just dont use most of the stuff, because i am too lazy to search for them. I have been thinking of creating compartments (using cardboards) in a shoe box, so that i have a tiny box for each of my precious little things.. thanks for the inspiration..will let you know once i finally do it..

  2. yeaaa...... thankyou.....i was wondering if i was stupid to write such a post...Now i am happy:)...


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