Friday, July 8, 2011

Rat .....taaaa??????

Last week I and hubby found that we had a guest in the house.Infact that day , we found we had two guests.The first one was a rat. Now Cockroaches I can deal with,Lakshman rekha does eliminate them. Lizard ..I do think they are yuck, but have tried different unsuccessful methods now and I have learnt to live with them. But I cannot tolerate rats.I love the movie rattatouille. I think rats are cute in their own little way but still, I draw a line there.Anyhow today we decided whatever happens we have to remove it form the vicinity of the house.No killing.The Mister says we dont have a right to kill them and I agree(as of now).

Brought a trap today and kept it inside the bathroom , right next to the hole the rat comes out from..After an hour we heard terrible squelings come from the bathroom.I was amazed something so small can make so much sound.Both of our hearts raced.Never done such a thing before.When we went to see the rat, we saw that the tail had got caught in the doorway.And we saw it struggle to get it out. It tried everything,it tried to pull the spring, it tried to push back the door ,why!!!,  it even understood that the bite had some kind of lever system and started tugging it left and rt.We soon got ready and We then went out far away and released it.

God was scary.Something new we went through....I hope the rat doesnt come back( but I have a feelign it will).Becasue if it comes i dont think its going to get caught agian . Atleast not by this method.It seemed quite intelligent.

Oh the next guest????? here he is.I actually adored him.He had a squeaky noise like that of a rubber toy.Some how i always imagined them to "croak".Too many Enid Blytons in my childhood.

I don't know whether it is very clear from the photo but it was a frog.


  1. u adored the frog?!!.. i was almost in tears, screaming and jumping everywhere when a frog entered our house in chennai. I am not sure what it is about the slimy yucky little things, but I actually find tears in my eyes whenever one of these creatures have 'attacked' me :D

  2. :) Actually arathi, i used to hate frogs back home too...they were these mucously huge things.But this frog here was absurdly small and cute, like a rubber toy.Maybe its the difference between frog and toad....i wonder which is which


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