Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sale Season in Gurgaon

I am writing simply. I realize I am in a non-writing spell and have no idea when I will be out of it. I hope it is soon. 
There are only 12-13 days more for us before we leave for Washington D C and today i decided i should at least start planning about packing and all because god knows when work load in office will be more. So today afternoon I and my husband left for the malls in Gurgaon for a wee bit of shopping.

We reached MGF mall and found that sales were on most of the shops in most of the malls. God!!!! .the malls were full. The parking lot was full and we did not get parking space for our bike. We had to go to DT mall and park there. We entered Lifestyle but both I and my hubby hate CHOAS and let me tell you it was so much chaotic. RUSH. Long queues for trial rooms that I and my hubby decided to go to MGF and at least have our food but what do you know... it was jam packed as well .

Atlas we went to Yo China! In MGF mall but we were so tired (and we had just arrived) we could not even enjoy our lunch. (Is it me or Yo china food is not up to the standard we thought it to be anymore!!!).The only thing we wanted was to return home which we did.
 Learned a valuable lesson today.
 Go to malls only in weekdays. If it is possible to go in the mornings i think it would be better ESPECIALLY when sale is going on. Somehow i am never able to shop when a sale is going on. I get mighty confused. How i love the shops in Trivandrum where there are specific shops for specific things and the price range is the same every time of the year ( i.e. they are not overpriced and then brought down to their original price by giving 50% discount during the sale time. No wonder people wait for the SALE time. Obviously it’s the time they get stuff for the original price :))

Anyhow decided to do whatever shopping there is to do in the weekdays. Go with the flow my darling hubby says.....

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