Thursday, July 7, 2011

Teddy bear on the Lake side

I wrote this a long time ago , infact almost 2 years ago,when i was working in chennai. I have been meaning to post it on my blog for a long.Today is it I guess....


Saw a unusual sight today.I saw  a cute teddy bear on a placed on a rock on the shore of a lake.I saw it when we were crossing the lake.At first I thought some child had left it there and gone to play in the water.But i saw no child,no parent anywhere nearby.So again i looked at the teddy bear.The second look saw what the first had missed.

The teddy bear was clutching a red heart

AND realization dawned...

This was no ordinary teddy bear.This was a message.This was the symbol of love shared by two hearts.Once adored...Still maybe...It was a message from the girl (cruel that the act already was), that she was to be married to someone else,that she could no longer be his.

A teddy bear on the top of a rock near a beautiful lake with a solitary tree for the whole of Chennai to see,cannot be the result of a petty quarrel.

Maybe the young man was sitting in the same bus as me.
Maybe he saw it at the same time as I.
Maybe his heart bled when I was searching for the child.
Maybe he wept for his love, as it was stripped of its pride...

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