Sunday, September 25, 2011


Sometimes we have to take a stand.We have to do the right thing.We have to give importance to relations.And today was one such day.And i am glad we went today to meet partha.We already regret that we could not be there for him yesterday.But not being there for him today also was never an option.After all whats life without friends.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Heritage Walk to the Lodhi Garden

We went to the second INTACH organised Heritage walks this sunday to the Lodhi Gardens.As the name suggests it is  apark whihc has 3-4 monuments/tombs from the lodhi period and the Sayyid period, ie before the Mughals came to india.One good this was that these walks are paying off .I am really noticing many things which i never noticed before.Couldnot take any photos and so i am crippled in a way.Still am uploading some of the photos we took.Being a place where the british ladies took walks it was well maintained and still is.So here we go.This time our Guide was Ms Jaya Basera.Really liked the way she guided the tour.

They are going to be random photos as i really am not sure as to which monument they belong exactly as its almost a week since i saw them.But i can tell you a few things which Ms Jaya told us so that you can look out for these things in any Islamic Monuments that you go to see.

The Athpula Bridge is actuully the second last place we visited. Its named so because it has 8 puls( bridge).The yamuna used to flow here but rt now no one knows how are where it used to flow.If i understood correctly this was an atifically made park.It is known fits migratory birds which come during the winters.

This is the first tomb we visited.It belonged to the Sayyed period.It was a solid structure and pretty impressive to look at.It is an octagonal shaped structure and the corner pillars are made with a small inclination to the outside so as to give the structure a massive look from a distance.
This is a mosque complex which had a courtayard in front of it.Though normally the kings in that time were buried under closed tombs, this particular person was not.It has ornately decorated arches.The decorations were carved in plaster as it is difficult to do so in that hard stone.

As i explained in the last paragraph , the kings were buried under closed domes. Apparently the Muslims are to be buried under the open sky so that they may still receive the blessing of Allah in the form of mist and dew(which was a fact unknown to me).But the kings didn't want to do away with the dome so these star like lines were drawn so as to emulate the stars or rather the heaven above.If we were to twist the words of the religion we would be admonished but of course kings are above rules ;)

This ventilator has a purpose other than passing through fresh air.This was also the indication of the direction of mecca so that visitors may know which direction they were supposed to turn to while praying for the deceased.Normally all Islamic monuments have some kind of an indication.

Civil Engineers may recognize the beam column system and many may recognize the ornamentation at the join of the beam and column- two things adopted from the Hindu architecture.A common feature of the column heads beings statues of lions and elephants were modified suitable to Islamic culture by removing the life giving attributes like eyes and trunk and retaining the form of the structure.Something like an amalgamation.

The decorations and carvings in plaster which were present in one wall of the mosque.

As i said earlier,most of the monuments have some indication as to the direction of mecca.However this particular tomb didnot have any indication inside. It was surrounded by a fort and this wall which could be seen form one of the arch doors indicated the direction of mecca.

And at last we came to the Watch tower or Turret.The watch tower was a high structure from where the fort was watched by the guards.Though it does not look much like a tower, our guide informed us that the earth had risen and during the Lodhi period delhi was a plain barren land and hence a long distance could be viewed sitting at the top of this tower.No one is allowed inside the tower now as ...ahem it has the gardeners tools inside.

Actually we saw a lot more but its difficult to explain wothout photos,But maybe we will go again and at that time i will upload more photos.Had a wonderful time and i cant wait until the next time. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


For starters i want somebody to read my blog. Why are not my own friends and family reading what i write :( .Am i that boring :'(.Anyhow going to the second thing .Today i was very disturbed.You would think some great calamity descended on me but actually it was just that my dress tore irreparably.Its one of my fav dresses which i have worn so rarely and yet its gone. I am begining to feel bad now a days.
One bad thing about getting fat is that the dresses dont fit any more and i dont like wasting any money.Weirdly one of my oldest dress still fits.I have a Lee jeans which i have worn rarely.And i was reading one of the flylady mails today which dealt with letting go of dresses you dont fit anymore.Let some one else enjoy it. I know maybe i should do it too. What use are they if i dont wear them anymore.They might as well make somebody else happy.But still.....
Anyhow if someday i am able to let go of all the dresses that dont fit anymore, i will comment in this post.I am trying to fly in my own way. 

Saturday, September 17, 2011

From my Heart

I have been meaning to blog for a long time but i am just not able to write.It is not that i don't have any topics to write about its more like i am afraid to write about them.I realized yesterday that i am writing lesser and lesser with each passing month and i dont want it to be so.

It is more than a year since i got married and  among veterens i am just starting my life hey i don't even have kids.By god's grace this has been a good year.Yet i have seen 3 marraiges fail in front of me and i feel sad.i feel sad because it should have worked out. they were in love.This just gives validity to what many beleive here in India,love marraiges are bound to fail.This makes me sadder.Ofcourse i know many whose marraiges are going great too still....

I think "Just married" is a great movie.Something any new couple can see.I myself have benefitted from the dialogues.There is a scene in which a new friend tells the bride "the first six months are the hardest" and the scene in which after their separation the son comments looking at the album of his parents that how happy his parents were and that he could not get it and the father says something like "the photos are just snaps capturing the happy moments and that they had to work real hard on the marraige  some days.".
I dont know why but these two images really stuck to me.

I beleive every marraige does have a rocky start especially in love marriages as the expectations are higher and interestingly i feel the tolerance levels are lower. Even a small miscalculation on the part of the partner can actually cause quite a harm.I think the best gift that one can give to each other in a love marraige is treat it exactly like a arranged marraige.Sharing a fact , it took an extra six months for me to understand (apart from the 8 years i knew my hubby) that guys will be guys and girls will be girls and their way at  looking at every aspect of life will be different from each others. definitly there will be compramise, infact there should be and that doesnot mean one has changed.

From what i have seen i have learnt that for the marriage to be better with time( and i am talking only about the begining) one has to commit to it. Whether love or arranged once you get married that's it, nothing matters except that whether you willing to commit to it or not. Whether you want it to work or not.Anything else is a bonus.

I have also noticed that husbands are wives not together in the first few months of marriage is not a good idea.Especially in love marraiges.I feel that many problems can arise durng this time and when you are sharing the same room you have to address the issues whether you like it or not.If your love and commitment is strong you will get through it.If not it is easy to not talk about any thing.You meet each other in the weekends and obviously you don't talk about bad stuff .Soon it becomes difficult to talk or confess to the other person.No one likes uncomfortable feelings.And then maybe you start drifting apart.Nothing is worth being apart from the one you have chosen to live with for the rest of your life.not your job,not the society nothing.If it was an arranged marriage one of you would have definitively done some compramise.Surveys have showed that long distance marraiges don't work.Is a job worth it .or Ego???? Anything????

Personally i love this time i spend with him more than the actual honeymoon period . i love the fact that we have adjusted to each others idosyncrosies.I love the fact that we can recognise the danger signals and back off before we get into an argument.I love the fact that we have "changed" for each other.I love the fact that I have adjusted to some of his behavior which has irritated me like hell and the fact that that i know he has done the same.

A rocky start may be there but rocks can make great foundations.By Gods grace this one year was good.Hope the other chapters are as beautiful as this.

Atlast i have written what was in my mind. I was scared to write it .I felt maybe i was too big for my boots.But i write this just to free my mind.I am just starting my life but these are lessons i dont want to forget in future.I write this for me too so that i may remember what it was to be a year old married woman.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Salsa Salsa

I realised today that i am writing lesser and lesser every passing month. Will that do???? ofcourse not.Actually most of the time we just spend at home doing ...well nothing but watch Big Bang theory.We (i.e my hubby and me) have watched almost 3 seasons non stop apart from necessary stuff, the working class have to go to job and etc etc.
Anyhow the other day we decided, enough is enough, its time to do something different and so we decided we will try a hotel "Salsa Salsa" in Sahara mall which serves Mexican food. Though we had heard high reviews i wont say i was extremely happy with it. In fact, the fact that there were black beans in everything we ordered was a big turn off for me as i don't like the taste of beans.However the food was actually quite balanced and as many say suited to the Indian taste buds.Though i and my hubby were not extremely impressed we decided to give the restaurant one more try where we intend to get fried chicken alone....well that will be another post

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Delhi Book Fair - 2011

Delhi book fair is something every book lover who has never been there wants to go at least once in a lifetime. Articles recurring every year in "The Hindu" make sure that you have this deep longing to visit it.Last year my hubby had missed the DBF so this year we made sure we could do so and we did...on Sept 3 -2011.

There were halls from 8 to 12 allotted for this fair alone and another hall 12A for the stationary. Books of all kinds were available from different publishing houses.If you want  a book from a specific publisher, this is the place to go.But being book lovers we already had brought all the books we actually wanted to read, hence we just spent time around browsing the place.

I revisited the books I had outgrown , like champak and chacha chowdary ,though interestingly I did not see phantom or mandrake (in english). I saw the text books gulmohar reader. It has been prepped up now with colours and more attractive print.I saw innumerable atlas' and dictionaries and grammar books.We also saw Tamil and Malayalam books. If you have a child below 12  ,then this is where you should be. I wont say that you wont get these books in any other place but you wont get all the book is one place which is what the Delhi book fair does.

We were roaming around and browsing and mainly buying the different CBT and NBT books for children for the child within us. Both of us are a sucker for folktales we grew up with , the simple language , the wonderful painting within and not to mention the unreasonably reasonable price we get to pay.(the costliest book we bought was 35 rupees and we got a discount of 10 % in that.)

We also found this great stall within second hand books and that was heaven. Novels were going around for 50 rupees maybe 100 max. archies and jugheads in one third of the the price and enid blytons ...why everything .......we brought Buddha by Osamu Tezuka 's 6th and 7th volume from there. Was a steal.I was tempted to buy all the enid blytons there because of their old illustrations (and the version of the books where dick is still dick and not rick and fanny still remains fanny and not franny and where golliwogs still have existence and are not considered racist..These books showed us how the world was viewed 70 years ago .why cant they just be!!!!Anyhow that's deviating from the point)Anyhow i decided that the fair will come next year too and if something is meant to be mine it will come to me :).

After the book stalls we went to the stationery hall and browsed around there . People were showcasing different "new" products there like a blade which retracts once it loses contact with the card board thus not unintentionally harming anyone, A fountain pen which can write on the whitener which it has on this other side.....and maybe more these kind of thing.We then found a beautiful handcrafted paper stall where we saw this exquisite red star with embroidery on it and we brought it ASAP to hang for Christmas (One of the good things about having a inter religious marriage,,,,, you get to celebrate everything ;)..... and with that we decided to go find our friends who were waiting patiently for us outside :)