Sunday, September 4, 2011

Delhi Book Fair - 2011

Delhi book fair is something every book lover who has never been there wants to go at least once in a lifetime. Articles recurring every year in "The Hindu" make sure that you have this deep longing to visit it.Last year my hubby had missed the DBF so this year we made sure we could do so and we did...on Sept 3 -2011.

There were halls from 8 to 12 allotted for this fair alone and another hall 12A for the stationary. Books of all kinds were available from different publishing houses.If you want  a book from a specific publisher, this is the place to go.But being book lovers we already had brought all the books we actually wanted to read, hence we just spent time around browsing the place.

I revisited the books I had outgrown , like champak and chacha chowdary ,though interestingly I did not see phantom or mandrake (in english). I saw the text books gulmohar reader. It has been prepped up now with colours and more attractive print.I saw innumerable atlas' and dictionaries and grammar books.We also saw Tamil and Malayalam books. If you have a child below 12  ,then this is where you should be. I wont say that you wont get these books in any other place but you wont get all the book is one place which is what the Delhi book fair does.

We were roaming around and browsing and mainly buying the different CBT and NBT books for children for the child within us. Both of us are a sucker for folktales we grew up with , the simple language , the wonderful painting within and not to mention the unreasonably reasonable price we get to pay.(the costliest book we bought was 35 rupees and we got a discount of 10 % in that.)

We also found this great stall within second hand books and that was heaven. Novels were going around for 50 rupees maybe 100 max. archies and jugheads in one third of the the price and enid blytons ...why everything .......we brought Buddha by Osamu Tezuka 's 6th and 7th volume from there. Was a steal.I was tempted to buy all the enid blytons there because of their old illustrations (and the version of the books where dick is still dick and not rick and fanny still remains fanny and not franny and where golliwogs still have existence and are not considered racist..These books showed us how the world was viewed 70 years ago .why cant they just be!!!!Anyhow that's deviating from the point)Anyhow i decided that the fair will come next year too and if something is meant to be mine it will come to me :).

After the book stalls we went to the stationery hall and browsed around there . People were showcasing different "new" products there like a blade which retracts once it loses contact with the card board thus not unintentionally harming anyone, A fountain pen which can write on the whitener which it has on this other side.....and maybe more these kind of thing.We then found a beautiful handcrafted paper stall where we saw this exquisite red star with embroidery on it and we brought it ASAP to hang for Christmas (One of the good things about having a inter religious marriage,,,,, you get to celebrate everything ;)..... and with that we decided to go find our friends who were waiting patiently for us outside :)

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