Friday, September 16, 2011

Salsa Salsa

I realised today that i am writing lesser and lesser every passing month. Will that do???? ofcourse not.Actually most of the time we just spend at home doing ...well nothing but watch Big Bang theory.We (i.e my hubby and me) have watched almost 3 seasons non stop apart from necessary stuff, the working class have to go to job and etc etc.
Anyhow the other day we decided, enough is enough, its time to do something different and so we decided we will try a hotel "Salsa Salsa" in Sahara mall which serves Mexican food. Though we had heard high reviews i wont say i was extremely happy with it. In fact, the fact that there were black beans in everything we ordered was a big turn off for me as i don't like the taste of beans.However the food was actually quite balanced and as many say suited to the Indian taste buds.Though i and my hubby were not extremely impressed we decided to give the restaurant one more try where we intend to get fried chicken alone....well that will be another post

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