Wednesday, September 21, 2011


For starters i want somebody to read my blog. Why are not my own friends and family reading what i write :( .Am i that boring :'(.Anyhow going to the second thing .Today i was very disturbed.You would think some great calamity descended on me but actually it was just that my dress tore irreparably.Its one of my fav dresses which i have worn so rarely and yet its gone. I am begining to feel bad now a days.
One bad thing about getting fat is that the dresses dont fit any more and i dont like wasting any money.Weirdly one of my oldest dress still fits.I have a Lee jeans which i have worn rarely.And i was reading one of the flylady mails today which dealt with letting go of dresses you dont fit anymore.Let some one else enjoy it. I know maybe i should do it too. What use are they if i dont wear them anymore.They might as well make somebody else happy.But still.....
Anyhow if someday i am able to let go of all the dresses that dont fit anymore, i will comment in this post.I am trying to fly in my own way. 

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