Friday, October 28, 2011

Proud to be ...???

Yesterday i saw a post in facebook with a sweet story about why a mother was given a tear.Unfortunately it was accompanied by the photo of Casey Anthony.It irked me.Maybe she didn't kill her kid as they were not able to prove it but it's a fact that she has not behaved like a normal mother after her child disappeared.Her mother was like a normal grandparent but she was not a normal mother.Mostly it irked me because it was an example of how easily photo graphs can be manipulated.Give a photo a story and present it to the unsuspecting audience in the rt way and its meaning can be changed in a matter of seconds.
For some days now there are these posts floating around. Proud to be Indian and proud to be Muslim and what not.Proud to be Indian is pure racist at times and the photo I saw of proud to be Muslim was disturbing.This photo  wanted to show a battalion of army men with their Shields protecting some 10-20 guys doing sajdha ( a position in namaz or muslim form of prayer) 
in the middle of the road.Impressive at first but a closer look showed that they were definitely not Indian army men as they had some Arabic or Urdu inscriptions in their shield.A closer look made me feel that the men did seem to be surrendering but I had a doubt whether it was to god.I checked it out in the net.It was of the Egypt revolution.More disturbing was an array of comments with mashallah and inshallah and alhamdilillah with  all in the same sentence in some comments without any connection at all.What a joke they make of their own religion.

Maybe these people did not even think about their posts  but should they not?After all they are sharing such things which may or may not influence someone in someway.wont this casue segregation?.Do you give false pleasure to other people knowingly or unknowingly?
This reminds me of the story of Yudhistra who told in dronacharya's hearing that ashwaththama (named elephant) had died which resulted in dronacharyas despair as he thoguth it was his son who died which led to his demise .Dronacharyar knew Yudhistra never lied.But it was still considered a lie.Yudhister still had to pay the price before he could enter heaven.
Why does no one post about Proud to not cheat in exams, Proud not to give bribe. Proud not to violate the traffic Proud to not trash the park and Proud to give the incometax.Is it because one actually has to do something to be proud of .Something to think about.

Thursday, October 27, 2011


I feel like a tree
I was born from a seed,
And then I grew up
I became a seedling.

How tiny I was
how shiny and new
but alas I couldnt hold
Even a dewdrops few

And I grew and I grew
With the wind on my face
You would think I was running
For some kind of race,

One day I was a sapling
Another I was a pole
Now I am all grown up
But you can’t call me old.

I have soared, I have soared
With the wind on my face.
I am facing the world
Am  I winning this race?

I feel mature and sound
With roots deep in the ground
I am strong and I see
I can do right some wrong.

I look at the world,
In its eyes and I say,
Give me your best shot,
I’ll take it any day.

I feel so Elated
And happily I pray
Thank you my dear lord
For making me this way.

Thankyou for the sunshine,
Thankyou  for the rain,
Thankyou for protecting me
And for keeping me from pain.

Make me the shade
in which, people may rest
Make my hands so strong
That,  all birds may trust.
Make me the home
where all souls are fed
Please make me your tool
through which happiness you spread.

Let me grow , Let me grow
Till I meet you one day
And then, may my lumber
be useful someway.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Life Lessons - Diwali of 2008

Last year I remember talking to a fellow muslim about Eid.I was asking her what she was doing that day and she said that someone told her that she has no right to celebrate eid because she didnot fast or do namaz.With all due respect I told her to shove the opinions of bigots outside and celebrate because my dear, i said, there  will be many who put conditions to happiness ,it is upto you to be happy or not.

I loved diwali when I was a child though we didnot celebrate it. I remember appu's father (my childhood freind's) buying so many patakas for her and he always thought of me too(he was very sweet).I grew up, moved away, and then began doing the same thing many do.I started thinking I was too old to celebrate.I was too old to get presents or cut cake during parties. I was too old to have fun in patakas or enjoy the lights in the night sky.Thankgod for the wonderful diwali of 2008, I realised something very important.

It was the second year of M tech and we girls wanted to make our memories of the last few days of our education( the next option was Phd and frankly speaking, we were havign such a horrible time with our thesis that no one wanted to pursue it at that time).We had bought crackers (thanks to my room mate aswini )but something bad happened that evening.I don't remember what but everybody was very blue.Ultimately I and my roommate decided to start the celebrations no matter what.We were joined by everyone by the end, i guess but all I remember was that I was feeling blue when we started  but when the atmosphere was bright, when the lights shone, and when we celebrated somewhere the warmth entered my heart once again.By the end we all were happy.

I realised that day that it takes very little for the heart to be happy and we should celebrate every small thing .Happiness is not constant it has to be generated time to time and such festivals are a wonderful time to do so.I decided that if i get a chance I would celebrate. Anything... Everything...You don't have to be a Muslim to celebrate Eid or a Hindu to celebrate Diwali or a Christian to celebrate Christmas.You just have to be a person who celebrates life...

Friday, October 21, 2011

National Language -need it????

Have you ever had a day where your head seems to burst of n number of things.When you are so restless you don't know what to do or how to calm yourself from all the voices in your head.Today suddenly for no reason I was reminded of the day we (around 6 friends) had a debate on the topic of national language.It was extremely messy and somehow left a very bad taste in the evening.obviously it was that Hindi should be our national language. I wont even  comment on what all we talked about but one thing is sure I have learnt not to talk on topics like this. and Anna too.I don't mind having a common language but a national language ???.why need it????Having a national game, bird or flower doesn't really affect anybody because no body has their own animal or game or anything but every body has their own language. The logic that Hindi being spoken by majority people makes it the national language, simple lacks total credibility to me.What next ???? Hinduism as the national religion because majority are Hindus.I know there are countries where they have a national religion but dude that's where we are different.Anyhow I have decided never to argue with people if I or they  can't convince eachother to atleast think out of their box in the first 5 minutes. I think by that time one already knows where the conversation is going.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Goal Number 39-Learn a poem by heart.

As a part of my 101 things to do in 1001 days , i have to learn a poem by heart. browsed through all the fav poems and then suddenly remembered the famous malayalam lullaby "OmanaThingal Kidavo".I had learnt some in my school days and its a all time fav. So this is the poem i have decided to learn.Hubby loves it and who knows I may even score some brownie points with my in laws ;)

Something to post

Hubby has come home after a week at site. hope he doesn't have to go away for site again any time soon.I dont know what to write.I just wanted to post something.This weekend was a lazy one but still some things were done. Yesterday we went to the MGF mall in the evening and brought a tank top for me so that i can wear some tops which i am not wearing at all.We also brought two open shoes for me. I have to give away the other chappals and dresses -the ones i am not using ,Why simply have clutter in the home???Anyhow back to the weekend.We saw Kungfu Panda 2 and Cars 2 this weekend.Saw another movie but it was so slap stick we could not actually finish the movie.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Birth of a tradition and a prayer

Hubby and I celebrated Saraswati pooja yesterday in our own way. Being him he had forgotten about it completely then his mother reminded him in the morning.Belonging to different faiths i and my hubby had decided that we would have an open mind abt everything.and we would celebrate everything short we would celebrate life itself. So I handed out some books on bridge engineering and earthquake dynamics ( our bread and butter) and some fictional books(which gave us our pleasure) and (the two spiritual books we both like)and 3 agarbatti's which he lit in the area we had assigned for our prayers (just a meditative corner no symbol of any religion)Our maid looked about in amusement but showed no over reaction as i guess within the one year she was quite used to our out of the box lifestyle and views.

After an hour or two our maid had left and we had taken our bathes  and we went to the prayer corner and prayed to god using our respective fav names and thanked him /her.and i looked up at my hubby to know what we were supposed to do next.and he said ok now we write down the alphabets.Ok i agreed and we started writing ABC....then he wrote 123 and i dutifully followed.then he started the malayalam alphabets and we started to fumble .Anyhow i copied something from him and then we decided to write the tamil alphabets (my mother tongue).And i suddenly realized i had forgotten everything.Hubby suggested that we should take the help of the all knowing internet to fill in the blanks.which we did...then we copied down the arabic alphabets too as i had learned them.We realised that we were forgetting our basic languages and decided this was a wonderful way to relearn or atleast keep from forgetting our alphabets and decided to so this every year.

Some people may think we are mocking traditions and religion too but i want to contradict them at this point.We are following it in the core sense, the religion of love and tolerance and accepting each other's differences and rejoicing in the life god has given us.

Dear Lord , always give us the strength to be so in every walk of our life.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Halfway through the circle

A New Day.Got up late as there was no office today and have decided to spend an extremly lazy day today.Just want to relax. The last two weekends were quite hectic and was waiting for this day.Yesterday we went to the MGF mall .The traffic is so heavy and the driving so rash here in gurgaon.I think I pray the most whenever we go out."Ya Allah please take care of us or please help us reach our desitination in one piece".Yesterday also I was praying just as fervently when we were going through the Iffco chowk when I suddenly realized that a pair of big black eyes were staring at me quite strictly from a lady's car. I was surprised at first but after a sec, I smiled at the small face.And she smiled at me too ,a reluctant but pleased smile.The child looked so very sweet. I wondered whether she would remember this incident the next time she travelled.I would.I used to remember the chechi's who used to smile at me who used to give me tata's from the trains and make me so happy that 5 minutes .Now I guess its my turn....