Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Birth of a tradition and a prayer

Hubby and I celebrated Saraswati pooja yesterday in our own way. Being him he had forgotten about it completely then his mother reminded him in the morning.Belonging to different faiths i and my hubby had decided that we would have an open mind abt everything.and we would celebrate everything short we would celebrate life itself. So I handed out some books on bridge engineering and earthquake dynamics ( our bread and butter) and some fictional books(which gave us our pleasure) and (the two spiritual books we both like)and 3 agarbatti's which he lit in the area we had assigned for our prayers (just a meditative corner no symbol of any religion)Our maid looked about in amusement but showed no over reaction as i guess within the one year she was quite used to our out of the box lifestyle and views.

After an hour or two our maid had left and we had taken our bathes  and we went to the prayer corner and prayed to god using our respective fav names and thanked him /her.and i looked up at my hubby to know what we were supposed to do next.and he said ok now we write down the alphabets.Ok i agreed and we started writing ABC....then he wrote 123 and i dutifully followed.then he started the malayalam alphabets and we started to fumble .Anyhow i copied something from him and then we decided to write the tamil alphabets (my mother tongue).And i suddenly realized i had forgotten everything.Hubby suggested that we should take the help of the all knowing internet to fill in the blanks.which we did...then we copied down the arabic alphabets too as i had learned them.We realised that we were forgetting our basic languages and decided this was a wonderful way to relearn or atleast keep from forgetting our alphabets and decided to so this every year.

Some people may think we are mocking traditions and religion too but i want to contradict them at this point.We are following it in the core sense, the religion of love and tolerance and accepting each other's differences and rejoicing in the life god has given us.

Dear Lord , always give us the strength to be so in every walk of our life.


  1. You are in an inter-faith relationship? Great:).. Am trying to convince my parents for one too. Like you have said in any marriage commitment and patience is the key. But sometime I do get worried if we will be able to sort out all issues. Am sure we will with time.

  2. :) Good Luck. Hope everything turns out well for you. Do read two posts i wrote some time ago.Maybe it will be of some help. :)

  3. I know now why!

    This post brought tears to my eyes. I can relate to every bit that you write here. I'm so so glad to have virtually met you.


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