Thursday, October 6, 2011

Halfway through the circle

A New Day.Got up late as there was no office today and have decided to spend an extremly lazy day today.Just want to relax. The last two weekends were quite hectic and was waiting for this day.Yesterday we went to the MGF mall .The traffic is so heavy and the driving so rash here in gurgaon.I think I pray the most whenever we go out."Ya Allah please take care of us or please help us reach our desitination in one piece".Yesterday also I was praying just as fervently when we were going through the Iffco chowk when I suddenly realized that a pair of big black eyes were staring at me quite strictly from a lady's car. I was surprised at first but after a sec, I smiled at the small face.And she smiled at me too ,a reluctant but pleased smile.The child looked so very sweet. I wondered whether she would remember this incident the next time she travelled.I would.I used to remember the chechi's who used to smile at me who used to give me tata's from the trains and make me so happy that 5 minutes .Now I guess its my turn....

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