Thursday, October 27, 2011


I feel like a tree
I was born from a seed,
And then I grew up
I became a seedling.

How tiny I was
how shiny and new
but alas I couldnt hold
Even a dewdrops few

And I grew and I grew
With the wind on my face
You would think I was running
For some kind of race,

One day I was a sapling
Another I was a pole
Now I am all grown up
But you can’t call me old.

I have soared, I have soared
With the wind on my face.
I am facing the world
Am  I winning this race?

I feel mature and sound
With roots deep in the ground
I am strong and I see
I can do right some wrong.

I look at the world,
In its eyes and I say,
Give me your best shot,
I’ll take it any day.

I feel so Elated
And happily I pray
Thank you my dear lord
For making me this way.

Thankyou for the sunshine,
Thankyou  for the rain,
Thankyou for protecting me
And for keeping me from pain.

Make me the shade
in which, people may rest
Make my hands so strong
That,  all birds may trust.
Make me the home
where all souls are fed
Please make me your tool
through which happiness you spread.

Let me grow , Let me grow
Till I meet you one day
And then, may my lumber
be useful someway.


  1. Very nice rahmath, journey of life, and your true relationship with almighty God... wooww, you have so beautifully explained in this poem.. as much as i know you.... its your true reflection.. God bless you always !!

  2. sooooooooo goood daaaa...keep t up...:) :-* :)


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