Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Life Lessons - Diwali of 2008

Last year I remember talking to a fellow muslim about Eid.I was asking her what she was doing that day and she said that someone told her that she has no right to celebrate eid because she didnot fast or do namaz.With all due respect I told her to shove the opinions of bigots outside and celebrate because my dear, i said, there  will be many who put conditions to happiness ,it is upto you to be happy or not.

I loved diwali when I was a child though we didnot celebrate it. I remember appu's father (my childhood freind's) buying so many patakas for her and he always thought of me too(he was very sweet).I grew up, moved away, and then began doing the same thing many do.I started thinking I was too old to celebrate.I was too old to get presents or cut cake during parties. I was too old to have fun in patakas or enjoy the lights in the night sky.Thankgod for the wonderful diwali of 2008, I realised something very important.

It was the second year of M tech and we girls wanted to make our memories of the last few days of our education( the next option was Phd and frankly speaking, we were havign such a horrible time with our thesis that no one wanted to pursue it at that time).We had bought crackers (thanks to my room mate aswini )but something bad happened that evening.I don't remember what but everybody was very blue.Ultimately I and my roommate decided to start the celebrations no matter what.We were joined by everyone by the end, i guess but all I remember was that I was feeling blue when we started  but when the atmosphere was bright, when the lights shone, and when we celebrated somewhere the warmth entered my heart once again.By the end we all were happy.

I realised that day that it takes very little for the heart to be happy and we should celebrate every small thing .Happiness is not constant it has to be generated time to time and such festivals are a wonderful time to do so.I decided that if i get a chance I would celebrate. Anything... Everything...You don't have to be a Muslim to celebrate Eid or a Hindu to celebrate Diwali or a Christian to celebrate Christmas.You just have to be a person who celebrates life...

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