Friday, October 28, 2011

Proud to be ...???

Yesterday i saw a post in facebook with a sweet story about why a mother was given a tear.Unfortunately it was accompanied by the photo of Casey Anthony.It irked me.Maybe she didn't kill her kid as they were not able to prove it but it's a fact that she has not behaved like a normal mother after her child disappeared.Her mother was like a normal grandparent but she was not a normal mother.Mostly it irked me because it was an example of how easily photo graphs can be manipulated.Give a photo a story and present it to the unsuspecting audience in the rt way and its meaning can be changed in a matter of seconds.
For some days now there are these posts floating around. Proud to be Indian and proud to be Muslim and what not.Proud to be Indian is pure racist at times and the photo I saw of proud to be Muslim was disturbing.This photo  wanted to show a battalion of army men with their Shields protecting some 10-20 guys doing sajdha ( a position in namaz or muslim form of prayer) 
in the middle of the road.Impressive at first but a closer look showed that they were definitely not Indian army men as they had some Arabic or Urdu inscriptions in their shield.A closer look made me feel that the men did seem to be surrendering but I had a doubt whether it was to god.I checked it out in the net.It was of the Egypt revolution.More disturbing was an array of comments with mashallah and inshallah and alhamdilillah with  all in the same sentence in some comments without any connection at all.What a joke they make of their own religion.

Maybe these people did not even think about their posts  but should they not?After all they are sharing such things which may or may not influence someone in someway.wont this casue segregation?.Do you give false pleasure to other people knowingly or unknowingly?
This reminds me of the story of Yudhistra who told in dronacharya's hearing that ashwaththama (named elephant) had died which resulted in dronacharyas despair as he thoguth it was his son who died which led to his demise .Dronacharyar knew Yudhistra never lied.But it was still considered a lie.Yudhister still had to pay the price before he could enter heaven.
Why does no one post about Proud to not cheat in exams, Proud not to give bribe. Proud not to violate the traffic Proud to not trash the park and Proud to give the incometax.Is it because one actually has to do something to be proud of .Something to think about.


  1. I had a small debate with my cousin sister over the post you mentioned.. the one with the tear.. I dint approve of the way the first 2-3 lines of it were written.. but at the end it ended with us stopping it at "its my opinion, to each his/her own".. i too hv the opinion tht people must think before sharing stuff online.. but again freedom of expression is the counter argument you always get ..

  2. @ aravind I searched for the post once again to see what was the first 2-3 lines :). I have no problem with people voicing their opinions.But its disturbing how consideration for others' feelings have gone out of the window.:(

  3. I was of the opinion that the answer to Why are you crying? should not be "Because I am a woman". I thought that was self demeaning.. Not that i think crying is bad or sign of weakness but the tone suggests something like - what else can I do other than cry..

  4. oh yes...i felt it to be very demeaning too.The husbands answer was also something of the same na .You are right.


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