Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Begining of the Journey

I wrote this post in response to the writing prompt from Marcy's 'Scene from a memoir I haven't written yet'.
This is my first time and I have no idea if I am doing it right. Anyhow here goes.

Sept 11-2001 is a world famous date.Everyone remembers it.Every one knows it.The life of many changed after it and I am one such person.

I remember my father come from the office that day and asking us to turn on the TV. Someone had hijacked a plane and hit the twin towers with it in America. Dismay and horror reflected in each family member's face that day.
"Terrorists"...."Fools ,Idiots...if you want to prve a point then do just that .Why kill innocent civilians"- The feeling was universal. If this can happen in America, Why!, anything can happen anywhere, was another universal feeling. Frantic calls to freinds and  relatives in US and relieved confirmation that they were ok folllowed.

I am a muslim but for me the terrorrists were always "they". So obviously, it was a shock for me when the first thing one of my best freinds (who was not a muslim) said to me the next day was-"See what kind of people YOU are.YOUR people did this".

I was hurt. "WE" ???? What did "WE" have anything to do with it?We were a  typical Indian Muslim family. My father has more non-muslim friends than muslim friends. Religion was a part of who we are like any normal Indian.I could not say a word.I was ashamed I did not know anything about my own religion though I was a staunch believer and I could not defend it .We were nice people- I thought.We never harmed anyone. Did Islam really say such things as everyone claims? There was only one way to get the answer.It was time to read the Quran.

I remember coming home that day taking the Pick-hall translation of the Quran.I had tried to read it a number of times before but had never ever gone further than a couple of pages. However this time I did read it .I read it until my heart had calmed down. Since then I have read the Quran more than half a dozen times. I have found it logical and practical and open to interpretation(which many apparently make use of). The same sentence gives me diffrent ideas every time I read it.

I never defended my religion to that particular freind but my own journey into religion had began. In a way I am even thankful to that freind  for being the reason for me to start thinking and making my own path to God.I have journeyed from being religious to being spiritual. If not for her I would have been one of the crowd. Maybe I still am part of a crowd...A different one though.


  1. I love your post. That day was so horrible and all the terrible consequences have continued for so long. I am so sorry to hear of the unfair comment made to you, but it is great that something good came out of it. Thank you for linking up to "Scene from a Memoir."

  2. Rahmath - it's inspiring to hear of someone taking the horror and shock of that day and using it for positive things. Too many have used it to turn to ugly actions and beliefs. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  3. You have taken a horrifying event and made it beautiful. I am sorry that you had to endure that, but glad that it has helped you to strenghten your faith. You are have a beautiful.

  4. Thanks jennifer.Everything has a good aspect to it right? :)


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