Thursday, November 17, 2011


She was rolling her cycle from the computer center to the canteen when she saw a grubby little child play in the roadside.She looked with pleasure and enjoyed the child playing.She was still smiling when she walked past the child and she thought how much people change.Five years ago she didnot even like children.She had wondered whats so cute about them.Five years ago she would have only seen the dirt all over the child, the torn clothes and unkept hair of the labourer's child  but playing and being a part of her neices and nephews' babyhood changed all that.Why? She thought and the answer came...When you love someone with all your heart you see them everywhere.In every child that plays she sees her neice play.Isn't that nice she thought.Suddenly her mind jumped to the gujarat riots,Those terrible riots when mindless killings raged the streets.Would he who killed ,saw his son ,daughter sister or mother in his victim,would the knife still slit the throat.If integration were such that one would see only his loved ones wouldnt peace reign?

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