Friday, November 4, 2011

Husband's day

"He is the one"

I can cry and he wont think I am weak.
I can gossip abut anyone and everyone and he wont think badly of me.
I can get angry once too many times and he still forgives me.
He is always there when I say I need him.
He adjusts about food when i don't feel like cooking.
He doesn't laugh at my lofty ideals.
I can boast and he doesn't get bored.
He is my biggest fan,
And I am HIS.

I had written the above around a year ago and i came across it today.Suddenly i wanted to know if there is a day to celebrate this relationship....the husbands day. I googled it and came across a blog in which this lady had decided to celebrate her own unofficial "husbands days" in Nov 16th.I loved the date.It was just 2 weeks ahead and I thought why not assign the same.So this November 16th, I am going to celebrate this day of 2011 in honour of my husband who takes care of me, who throws out the trash, removes the icky stuff i hate to touch ,  go shopping as and when I demand,who surprises me in the wonderful way that only he can do, who make me smile even through my tears and whose presence makes me feel secure.
To the man without whom I would have been incomplete...

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