Sunday, November 27, 2011

Joy of Giving - A start

This week I decided to actually get seriously into business about my 101 goals to do and as i said in the last post tried to find some good blogs to follow.  In the process I stumbled into ritu's blog.There was this wonderful idea of doing one small act of kindness by following the joy of giving cards.Rather than me telling about it maybe you should just know about it here. The first one I saw was "Hand out a CFL bulb to someone who cannot afford it". I was wondering who to give it to when I saw the author herself had given suggestions.So I turned and asked my maid  which bulb did she use in the house. She said it used to be a CFL but now that it was broken they had put the normal bulb.Now I dont know if it qualifies but I bought her a CFL to replace the bulb with this one.Did I feel better? I guess I did. Will I follow the cards al thoughout the year? I don't know.But I guess its a start.


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