Saturday, November 12, 2011

Trip to Amritsar - JallianWala Bagh & Golden temple (2/2)

On our second day in Amritsar, we planned to visit the Golden Temple and the Jallianwala Bagh. Both the places were near to each other. We got an auto from our hotel for around Rs50/-- which dropped us near the Jallianwala Bagh.immediately we were surrounded by a mob of vendors who wanted to sell bandana’s to tie over our hair as no one is allowed to go to the Golden Temple without their head covered. A tip to future travellers, keep your hair covered already before you reach the place. My hubby had a scarf tied to his head even before he could understand what was happening. Tie a hankie, it will do. We decided to visit the Jallainwala Bagh at first and see the scene where the massacre had taken place. My hubby told me Dyer – the man who ordered the firing returned home a hero (Home being Great Britain for him). Shocking!!!,   though I understand the situation .But in a strange twisted way I felt he was one of the reasons why the Indian freedom struggle became even stronger. And for that I am thankful. The scenes of what might have happened there passed in front of my eyes and I wondered are we taking this freedom for granted….This hard earned freedom won not even two generations ago , Are we taking this for granted???

(The entrance area)

(One of the walls with bullet marks.)

(Bullets everywhere)

With these thoughts, we left the place and went to the Golden Temple. We kept our shoes outside washed our hands, passed through the shallow pool and entered the temple. The golden temple was surrounded by a great holy pool which had big colorful fish in it.I had seen pictures of the Temple, but to see something first hand is a different thing.

(The Golden Temple and the Holy pool.)

(It was calming to see them swim.)

(The complex.)

The Golden Temple was connected to the outer courtyard by one single way which had a long long line. So,we decided not to enter the inner complex of the temple situated at the center of the lake. We sat outside in the courtyard,looking at it. The place was very clean.It was cleaned meticulously .Though in the heart of the city, and there was no dust on the floor. It was a good experience though maybe not as spiritual as I thought it would be .Maybe I should have gone with a Sikh who could teach me about his/her faith. Maybe it would have been more spiritual then for me. Maybe it was just high expectation. Somehow I had imagined visiting a Gurudwara, especially the Golden temple, would have been an extremely moving experience for me.

We saw Sikhs in their whole traditional dress with the knife in the side. I loved the fact that women carried them too. As my friend’s husband remarked , here is a religious place where you need not worry about calling out your name, be Ram or Rahim. No one asks .I loved this too. It's not the same in a Mosque or a Temple. This is something one can learn from Sikhs.They are inclusive. These two things are the most special memories that I took from the Golden temple.

After coming out of the temple, my friend told there were good bangle shops in Amritsar so we went there. We found beautiful glass bangles and lathe bangles and they were extremely affordable. I regretted not having anybody’s size else I could have brought more.

After that we had lunch from brother Ki daabha.Was ok.thus with our agenda over we returned to the hotel and then to the railway sation.We returned home in Shatabdhi express. Overall it was a great trip.


  1. Good that you are really enjoying and experiencing things .Great to read the blog here.Apart from being just patriotic, I think people should have the awareness and start acting more matured and work towards the betterment of themselves and the country.Keep writing and rocking.

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    1. Thankyou Very much for the appreciation. You made my day :)

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