Saturday, November 12, 2011

Trip to Amritsar - Wagah Border (1 of 2)

The last thursday we got a leave for gurunanak day and so decided to take friday off and make a short Amritsar trip along with a friend and her family. Though the trip was marked with a series of unfortunate events for some reason the trip was not wrecked completely for which I am so totally glad that I won’t actually dwell those events. We went in the train Shane Punjab from Delhi  and came back in the train Shatabdi . Both were good trains, neat ,clean ,comfortable and both made good time. Had a wonderful tomato soup in Shane Punjab and as i was having it after such a long time,I really relished it.The soup was erally thick and hot. We reached around 2.00pm.the hotel had a pick up facility (hotel Shiraz).The rooms were ok I guess, I was not extremely impressed but they were ok. Beds were comfortable. Beds matter a lot don’t you think? From there we hired a cab and went to Wagah Border to see the flag taking down ceremony.

Being a holiday for Gurunanak day in Punjab, there was a huge crowd. Huge huge crowd.The atmosphere was charged with patriotism All the modern patriotic songs from the new movies were playing . Everyone were in great spirits .There was this army man in white who was motivating everyone to sing and hurrah and all, It was an awesome feeling. Screamed Vande Maataram, Bharat Matha ki Jai and Hindustan Zindabad though my throat was actually not in a good condition. But who cared… Chak de India followed.

There was this mini war going between the Indian side and the Pakistani side of the border as to who praised their country more.Who made more noise. Being a holiday we did have greater strength. I prefer this kind of war any day. It was weird seeing the other side, you know. We were dancing and hurrahing … Hahahaha I did feel we were a bit of  showoffs. I guess they are showoffs too  in their holidays.

The ceremony in itself was interesting but as I really did not understand what was going on exactly, I can’t say much on the subject. Maybe next time, I might like to come, sit in the podium and watch properly but this experience of being a spectator form the crowd was a great one too. My eyes were filled at one point when everyone’s voices unified to praise our land. Why can’t we be the same all the time?
Anyhow ….. There were unpatriotic freaks here too .My hubby’s phone was pickpocketed and that too from the front pocket in his jeans.So a word of caution.Incase you visit Wagah Border, Please be very careful. In fact don’t take any mobile phone or purse there. Anyhow taking anything apart from camera is useless. There the phones don’t work.  Else keep it in a secret pocket inside your dress/jacket.
After the ceremony,  we left for our hotel. Evening we had our dinner from Crystal restaurant. Food was good and rates were as usual as in malls in Gurgaon. Four people had food for about 850/-(Non Veg). Food was good.We had Naan , Chowmein and Chicken rarah.The curry was enough for three people.

The next morning we went to the Golden Temple and Jallianwala Bagh but then that’s another story.

Day 2 in Amritsar.

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