Monday, December 26, 2011

5 Random thoughts

Saw this way of writing style in Rekhabala's blog and Maid in Malaysia's blog. Thought it was a nice way to
 put down those thoughts squirming in my mind.

----- Cut my hair up to shoulder length. Long time since I had this short hair. Hopefully it will grow enough before I go to my in laws house. I really envy the girls who can take care of themselves so well.

----Joy of Giving Card for Week 16 has come out. It is something I had already begin to do as a part of another program. Will tell about it in the week end.

----Gave the teacher the thankyou post as I was too impatient to wait until it was posted in the mother blog. Ma'am told I was crazy. I take that as her expression of pleasure.(btw I hope it is so)

----Trying to reclaim my life from idleness by doing five things per day; again inspired by the thing I told in the second point. Let's see how it goes.

----Wanted to try muttar paneer but I am beginning to feel hubby will do anything to get out of eating muttar. Poor me.

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