Thursday, December 8, 2011

5 Things I Don't Miss From My Childhood :)

I have a confession to make.

This was my original post and not the previous one. I am one person who doesn’t miss my childhood. Yes there are specific things that I miss but I like this phase I am in too. I would not like to go back being a child even though it was a very happy time for me. When the Grass seems greener the other side I remind myself of the times when I wanted to grow up soon and come to this side of the fence ;). It helps me enjoy the present more. I would not change anything in my childhood yet these are five things I don’t miss now.

1. Having a seat to myself in a crowded bus.

   When I was kid, every time the bus would fill, my mother and father used to make me sit in their laps so that another person may sit. I know that’s the right thing to do and maybe I will do the same but,45min journey in a lap after you are 8 can be little uncomfortable too.

2. Not having the money to buy any number of books I want.

    In our generation, books were just becoming important. Especially fictional books were never considered to be very important. Anyhow we were given pocket money's which we could use in any way we wanted (within limits of course :) ). I and my sister s used to buy books with it but it was never enough. It used to  be my dream to someday own a room which had one full wall of Enid blytons, another wall of Comics and Another wall of Classics and the fourth wall of chocolates and snacks with a comfortable couch or bed in eh middle and I could spend my days in bliss doing nothing but read. Though I don’t have my dream room yet, I and my hubby having the same passion for books are on the way to having it someday :). Though maybe the fourth wall will have other kind of books for my expanded interests.

3. Having to hear YWUWYAO.

YWUWYAO.  -- meaning you will understand when you are older. As I understand nowadays children are encouraged to question but not so 20 years ago. We did something because we were told to do so. And when we asked the question why, the answer would be???You got it, YWUWYAO. (Interestingly one of my friends younger than me by 2 whole months used to tell it to me too. I wonder why I allowed that???) Anyhow, when it became once too many times I promised myself I would never ever tell that to anyone ever. And I know I have made good of that promise till now.

4. Childhood Anxiety.

    When the world ends at 2000 and when I am thrown into the vacuum will I be thrown apart from my parents was one of the scariest one J .Anyhow I was so scared of so many things. I was easily embarrassed and worried if anybody did not like me. Apparently that's quite common in kids. I don’t totally miss not having those anymore. Sure I have worries now too but now I feel better equipped to deal with them.Don't you?

5. Exams

   I don’t miss Exams. Always used to have nightmares that I don't have enough time to finish writing (funny thing was I always had it after the exams were over).Its more than 3 years since my final exams but recently I saw it again. But this time I think I conquered it once and for all. So I was having this nightmare in which I have only five more minutes and have more than half a min to solve .I was getting tensed, nervous when suddenly I wondered what exam am I writing. I had finished my Masters too and there is no other exam in front of me as I am not going to do PhD and realization came. This must be that wretched dream…….. And I got up. J Yahoo…….


  1. deyyyy...whoz that frnd of urs who is younger than u by two whole mnths ?????
    and this post is funnyyy..reallyy was giggling like hell while reading..:))good one ...
    infact i was thnkng wat i dnt miss...wud reply as soon as i figure it out ..ok?

  2. Nee tanna Sabi neetanna...I never thought you would read this You remember the lecture i gave you once about it. God we were crazy.

  3. edi bhayangariiiii..appo njaan kaanathilaannu vechu yenney kurichu theri yezhuthalaanu ee bloginntey udesham!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!but i dont rembr the lecture i had to endure(Good fr u!!)

  4. sabikutty, paavamallea nyan.No one would have even cared two hoots about it.It was just a memory that all.


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